these popular tv drama inside the food is simply on the tongue of china!

tell true, recently tortured by this drama...

at first thought that this is a romantic abuse of the murderous drama, see wu appointed teacher after lunch, and feel it is a story about the qing dynasty dong mingzhu shanghai floating inspirational drama. 50 sets i was fat 5 pounds is how fat the the

how are these food scripts come true? full of food to eat the food lens, is simply in the challenge(fat) human limit ah!

there are also cast and crew, you are from the"tongue on the of china 4"secondment over it?

read this behind the scenes, really understand the"actor's happiness"for these food, let me quit how many times ng do ah!

compared to the"spend thousands of bones"inside 5 cents special effects of fake buns ,"that year bloom"props are shaanxi chef is to do, these intentions, really touched the saliva flow.

rush to eat props.can make an elegant and elegant shanghai lady all day obsessed with kegua zi and sucking noodles, we can see shaanxi snacks honey magic.

see the same under the"little milk on the tongue,"the same section of food, in the hearts of the people of shaanxi, their popularity is no less than your heart over the air network red cp-liangpi& rouga mo.

the basin of lamb, also known as"june fresh".when passing by jingyang city noisy market, the most difficult to resist zhou ying is the steaming tub lamb stall.

end of the day's business meeting, zhou ying came to the lamb stall before, called a bowl of mutton two steamed the saying goes, delicious but not mutton, but the taste of ge only.legs save song, the center of gravity to squat on the bench domineering to eat a bowl of water basin lamb, in order to dialogue lamb soul, really feel the gift of nature.

eat a freshly baked steamed bun, drink a hot soup.a bowl of generation on behalf of the heart of the basin of mutton soup, with its unique way to remind the wu little grandmother, recognize tomorrow's whereabouts, did not forget yesterday's coming.


jingyang city in the morning of the market, the natural and ultimately, wu jiu grandmother favorite zang cake(shaanxi words this word read jìng).

a large ancient steamer in ancient china, after the folk heritage , the iron retort has been retained so far, with the steamed sticky cake also do not have flavor.

after the dripping of fresh glutinous rice and red dates, red beans in high temperature breath meet, after the rush of rolling one night feeling lingering fermentation, burst out of the sweet and soft waxy wonderful taste.

when zhou yinggui shaanxi first richest man, may not remember caldron cakes practice, but the kind of sweet taste, will carry the taste of the former, left in the memory of zhou boss life.

no matter how much food and drink food, staple food, always the last chinese people on the table the protagonist.

a bowl of seemingly straightforward simple oil splashing, staged pepper and hot oil opponents play.will be handmade noodles cooked in boiling water after fishing in the bowl, the chopped green onion, pepper powder, salt and other ingredients and thick layer of pepper flour tiled on the surface, and then boiled vegetable oil poured."bared"soon! after a warm mating and the birth of the red oil, the achievements of the ordinary people in northern shaanxi and unique taste.

how to read the tongue, you are not fun? it's more than that of the hit drama.

in order to awaken the sympathy of the world to eat goods, more and more hit drama began to develop food programs.on the elite to eat the goods of self-cultivation, you must remember the captivating a large shanghai old aunt of the high fu shuai youth representatives-he han teacher.

[hot play food burn money with the paragraph]

as a high-end business people who are removed from the consulting industry, the teacher will not go to work after work.straight men gathered to control the wings and wangjing small waist.trusted food quality of the izakaya, is the gourmet who care for the"late night canteen."

, is also a lonely.

the sea urchins from japan, horse fat eggs) the most famous.dense silky taste, full of sweet sea water flavor.hokkaido sea urchins to please his girlfriend, there is no feeling of a lust of temptation?

in general, female pork eaters are used to eat selling sprout, but the male he han han eaters who are looking very high.people not only know how to collect outdated whiskey, will eat bluefin tuna, can use cod fish sister, or crab tasting care about the tongue feel the teacher, i guess you should be taurus rose it?

p> fat and white pork cut into large pieces, braised burning sulan tasty.although the first mouth a little oil, but chew on the two, full of mouth is the taste of happiness!

chasing the"spring ten miles"the deepest.look at the winter tents that greedy little eyes, my saliva has flowed on the keyboard.

now you clamored for weight loss every day, i am afraid you can not appreciate a can of braised canned meat cans.but in feng tang novel that"five elements of the lack of oil and water,"the puberty, a can of barracks limited edition braised pork canned, is the days of hungry goods of the gospel!

crying the audience on the brain to see this is called a fragrant ah, want to store a few cans to try, let the tongue and stomach together with the old.

realize the size of the military canned hin.but it is definitely an outing picnic train travel military training hiking must be able to! the amount! nice! food!

true to the hunger and intolerable critical juncture, he han's sea urchin count what what? or give me 100 cans of zhang shan shan brand of pork cans it!(but according to zhou dongyu said that this canned meat is not everyone feel delicious...)

okay, today you are here to pick up here~ today topic:you in the drama, was what delicious greedy cry?

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