the spicy of the foreigners to the kneeling of the thrilling food

in the face of the time, it is really very dark, but this is meng meng's little bunny! however, chengdu love it as a treasure, the development of brine, spicy, spiced, strange smell, raw fried and other taste, eat hundreds of millions each year, really a lot of you this one.


of the lamb"hannibal's fried brain scene? see the pig brain, some people have to pot in the hot pig brain, the store will give you a small box hanging on the edge of the pot, easy to fish; baked flowers, usually in a small metal bowl, spicy taste coupled with delicate taste, very enjoyable.two wide love stew products, a cup of day ma stew pig brain really fill up.

of the waste, even turned into a snack.objective evaluation is a slight sour, that white is the swill attention to the old beijing, must be accompanied by cut very fine pickles, but also a focal ring to accompany, only to warmly eat breakfast.however, most of the beans are now improved, accept a high degree.


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the first smell, full of smell, completely in line with its another name-houttuynia.surrounded by the southwest are eating ears, guizhou people love to eat white roots, yunnan people love to eat leaves, sichuan people are both food, guangxi people love to cut the roots of rice as ingredients.

, guizhou people also take it fried meat, sichuan kind of eat, small intestine soup plus ear, it touches very take friendship tips, if the first attempt, or from the beginning of the leaves as well.

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li bihua's"dumplings"enough horror? wang egg is a kind of embryo, it is also called hair eggs, jiangsu and zhejiang area also known as happy eggs, fujian zhangzhou is called chicken breasts, and another called live beads, in simple terms, the first three are aborted, the latter is time to abortion.but it is indeed a recipe for folk treatment of the sino-vietnamese junction of guangxi, there is a kind of children, is the duck egg embryo, cut and mixed with seasoning to eat, taste good.

| amaranth

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pickled pickles are north and south are, taste different, but ningbo and shaoxing people are preference for smelly vegetables, smelly amaranth first bear.


| soft insects, hard insects

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cantonese cuisine is selling, but caterpillars can be described as an alternative."and the taste of longan lice sweet-scented oysters", the former shape of cockroaches, wings to eat after eating, even a lobster feeling.and full of plump fruit, the taste is sweet and delicious."tian ji food"i do not know what is popular from the dynasty, the first person trying to go to what extent? it is the eternal puzzle.

dish"of yunnan also did not show weakness.the southern states love to eat insects, bamboo insects, bee pups, grasshoppers, flower spiders......face insects everyone has psychological barriers, but high purity protein burst in the mouth feeling, will make you love them.of course, do not miss the dai family dishes ants eggs, cold fried are delicious.

| mouse dry|

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of course, the vole is done, the mouse meat is much more pork than the pork, but you got it? in the guangdong and guangxi regions, there are often baked rattles appear, if finished and then tell you what is estimated that some people want to run the bathroom.


if you think north korea's raw beef is thrilling, then the yunnan people have to laugh.may wish to go to the ancient city of dali, catch early to eat a raw skin:pig kill after the fire faded hair, and then take advantage of fresh, even the belt meat shredded or sliced ​​to eat.all the way to the south, to baoshan early to eat a red, pork tenderloin cut into meat, water pickled vegetables to the more south of lincang, red life is not only meat and pig blood, some people still eaten cattle version of the version.

if you happen to meet the new year, near the provincial capital there are a lot of ru hair people at home, cold boiled pig blood and raw sheep blood is essential to the dishes, and yiliang entertain guests will be fresh pig liver chopped, with spices into a paste end is said that the fresh condensed pig blood taste like jelly, remember to eat a self-timer look at the import.

p> eat big dirty, of course, to clear the fire, dai family"caesare"worth a try cow sapphire, the raw beef chopped into the mud, accompanied by boiling the filtered bovine bitter water, the deployment of a variety of seasoning, and then add rice noodle stirring food.the same is the sadaru(pork sprinkle) and the palestinian(fish sprinkle).just eat some bitter, then there will be back to the sweet, think of this is the essence of cattle digestion from the grass, absolutely detoxification.

a floor, then go to dong a taste of cattle and sheep deflated.cattle and sheep stomach has not digested the grass liquid and gastric juice after the boil to become"deflated", in the cooking of beef and mutton, add some, this is similar to the meal of hospitality top grade."not cooked before the stinky smell, is boiled when the cow fecal smell, the beginning of the micro bitter taste, after dinner only know the smell of vegetables."many people discouraged, you?

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