husband and relatives come home to do my life and money to do a little money to do the dishes and eat me

husband family relatives to a guest, i spent 70 dollars 30 minutes to do 4 dishes, relatives eat and praise me.

into the amount of oil, add a little fried fruiting, and then leached to the oil of yuba into the wok spare.

2.use the pot of fried cut pieces of tofu, fried to the surface of gold can be.

3 will be fried tofu on the yuba, add appropriate amount of water, cover the pot after the fire boil and simmer for 10 minutes.add seasoning, salt and oyster sauce seasoning, pour into the amount of water, cover the pot stew for 5 minutes.

5.then add carrots, add green pepper to cover the pot stew cook for 3 minutes, and finally sprinkle with chopped green onion for 1 minute, pan.

shrimp washed, the shrimp shell stripped.

2.the pot of hot oil into the ginger after the saute, and then into the thin slices of mushrooms saute.

3.then add seafood fish fried, add fresh squid fried, and then into the broccoli, shrimp fried, and finally add salt, you can.

after washing, wipe off the water with a clean paper towel.

2.then pot of hot oil, the fish into the pot fried to both sides of the golden.

3.pour out the excess oil, pot left more than oil onion ginger and garlic, and then pour into the amount of water, add oyster sauce, soy sauce, covered with a pot stew cook a moment.

4.almost when the juice is added to the green and red pepper, and finally add the celery section stir fry evenly.

net after adding a few slices of ginger into the pot zhuo to bloody, will be boiled to the bloody ribs picked up cold water.

2.pour the water in the pot, wash the pot and pour the appropriate amount of oil in the pan, add the rock sugar to cook, melt it, and pour it into the ribs.fry the ribs on the color and put the ginger and garlic head fry, and then pour into the plum juice stir fry, then add the amount of water to mix evenly after the lid on the lid small fire slow simmered 20 minutes.

4.when the juice is almost put into the chopped onion and garlic stir fry, while the stew to the juice, juice and add the rice wine and sesame oil stir fry evenly.

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