a mother's diet to share how to steam out of children love to eat chicken custard!

the mother is from's valley, each time she do chicken custard, put on the table, always belongs to eat licking plate by a child.The wonderful feeling of food not only comes from the food itself, but also lies in the production of food, the food into the how much strength and love.

share a mother's diet, and how to evaporate the children love to eat chicken custard!

and the experiences of steamed chicken custard, always let some mother sighed: make chicken custard, there is always a honeycomb, always not forming, the baby is always do not love to eat chicken custard I do...So caocao clappers conclusion: the conclusion of one of the most difficult but chicken custard.

here, we will provide the unnamed friend's valley, for her relayed to share, the mother of two children steamed out secret children love to eat chicken custard.

chicken custard taste exquisite and smooth, can effectively help the child nutrition on nutrition, which is enduring food.Poor as a child, the mother gave us steamed chicken custard with compensatory nutrition;Now grown up, we began to learn to give their children steamed custard with chicken, the way of food from China, can be called "the baby side dish", is full of maternal love.

share a mother's diet, and how to evaporate the children love to eat chicken custard!

steamed chicken custard material is very simple, very simple really, is the egg and water.But the theory of operation, its difficulty is not low, and failure that is so of final outcome:

chicken custard not forming;Outer ring of old, middle ripe;Chicken custard is full of "small cellular" custard porosity...

the last picture is that children do not love to eat!!!!!!

?Today to save your pores eggs, honeycomb egg!

steamed egg to heat water.

just add some tap water in boiler, not tasty chicken custard is steamed, though someone will retort, "anyway, the pot can be steamed, no difference how many!" but in fact, steaming separately with the tap water and with warm boiled water out of the egg is really far worse!

small honeycomb, bubble come about?Because gas is contained in tap water, stir in eggs lose after steaming, boiling water, air discharge, will cause the custard small cellular, custard with quality and taste, eat a lack of tender feeling.

the total there will be no bubble with hot water?If use more than 70 degrees Celsius temperature of water, in fact in the egg mixture, stir a bowl of egg drop soup production will be finished by you.

egg water ratio 1:2

this is the mother come to the conclusion that the best ratio of egg water ratio of 1:2, steamed chicken custard is the most delicious.

it can add water control in 1 ~ 3 times, 1 steamed out hard a little chicken custard, 3 to 1 steamed custard tender chicken a little, so can be set according to their own tastes, especially children, find the proportion of children like!

egg liquid to sieving

the purpose of our beat eggs is hope the eggs evenly, fine, but the fact is that egg mixture there are stirring lace-up.

eggs with role is to put the egg yolk to maintain in the center of the egg white, have certain shock effect, to hatch.

to be steamed out of chicken custard have taste to the extreme, no small lump, you need to use the mesh to make egg liquid filtration.Filtering process, can the egg liquid bubble screen out of the egg liquid more exquisite and at the same time, also added a layer of protection.

on plastic wrap, Mr Holes

when steamed cast a layer of plastic wrap, poke a few holes in the membrane aeration, such distilled water won't fall into small holes on the surface of the bowl formed custard.

steaming time is key to

steaming time is too long, too much steam can make custard taste hard, organizations will also be some rough.

so time is very important to grasp, steam for a few minutes to basically see the egg liquid volume, in general, the usual eat bowl, steam boiling water into the pot as long as 10 to 13 minutes, if the egg liquid can extend more steamed chicken custard with a few more minutes: 15 to 18 minutes.Eyeball pen

the mother also singled out, she will be in steamed custard, drop a few drops on's valley tea oil, steamed chicken custard, special like to eat, and the benefits of camellia oil much more special, the children ate healthier!

share a mother's diet, and how to evaporate the children love to eat chicken custard!

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