americans can eat to many genetically modified foods?


americans can eat to many genetically modified foods?

the author: Liu Zhi rong

americans can eat how much to genetically modified food?

americans eat not to eat genetically modified (gm), can eat how many genetically modified (gm), has been genetically modified (gm) is a major topic of debate in China.

according to the United States department of agriculture data, in 2013 the United States a variety of genetically modified (gm) crops planting area of 1.026 billion mu, accounting for about half of the total area of the farmland in the United States.83 billion kg soybean production in 2013, 93% of whom are genetically modified (gm);331 billion kg maize production, 85% of whom are genetically modified (gm).America's corn and soybean exports nearly half, the rest and there are plenty of used to produce biofuels and other industrial raw materials, can be real americans eat the genetically modified food in the stomach is very limited.15% of U.S. corn production is the traditional corn, americans eat corn 4.61 billion kg a year, only 9% of the production can meet consumer.So, americans can completely avoid genetically modified corn.

the United States the main staple food is bread, bread made of wheat flour, wheat planted genetically modified (gm) and the United States does not.It can be said that the americans a year can eat genetically modified food is very limited.

of gm soy consumption is indirect, basically is the soybean oil, if without the use of soybean oil in cooking, americans can also avoid eating to transgenic soybeans.

in the United States only papaya fruit have genetically modified (gm), the average American consumes papaya 0.41 kg, are genetically modified papaya, even buy eat most americans a year to 0.41 kilograms of transgenic fruits.

gm vegetable in the United States only pumpkin, but U.S. farmers planting genetically modified (gm) pumpkin is very scarce., according to the United States department of agriculture in 2012, the country produced 340 million kg of pumpkin, the average American consumes pumpkin only 2 kg, complemental balance parts imports, say so, americans generally do not eat gm vegetable.

most American middle class for the health and the pursuit of high quality of life, a rejection of genetically modified food, even the first family is no exception, directly to michelle Obama, encourage the nation natural organic foods, avoid eating genetically modified (gm) food.

in order to reassure residents eat to do not contain genetically modified food, the organic and non-gmo food share increase year by year, the average every week 80 food companies to join "non-gmo food plan".

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