men mistakenly drink methanol poisoning the doctor shouted he continued to drink for jin liquor


men drink alcohol poisoning Doctor shout he continued to drink for 2 jins liquor

place yesterday, Mr Fu in under the guidance of a doctor, drink liquor detoxification.

set a thief to catch a thief, this really have!Pillars of

a man drink in error "fakes" methanol poisoning, in critical condition.Emergency, rescue the doctors take wow everyone: then drink!

however, this time is to drink "wine", and with 60 degree of gloss, with alcohol solution of fakes!

poisoning 52 year old man dying

back eight days to experience, the 52-year-old Fu Guolin still shudder: "later, again dare not to drink so!"

Fu Guolin are pillars of people, including yellow in summer, would take care of my nephew farmhouse.

2 night, Fu Guolin with two friends to drink, removal height, but the jars empty, Fu Guolin remind of, my nephew has said that the store also is hiding a pot of good wine, so from the audience to find a big pot of wine, and then drink up.

"the first sip, you think wrong!"Fu Guolin said, he drank more than 30 years, half an expert, especially like to drink strong wine.But the wine to drink up heartburn, throat burning, there are at least 60 degrees.Think this is the good wine, 8 dollars one or two Fu Guolin or cup wine to drink, drank three about two.

in the evening, a catty of alcohol drink high Fu Guolin.

the next day at noon, Fu Guolin still feel dizziness, leg weakness, even severe vomiting.To in the afternoon, he also can't see my eyes, the vast expanse of whiteness eyes, soft body like a pool of mud.

the family hurriedly with Fu Guolin from including to stone county people's hospital, the doctor diagnosed with acidosis.

well, how can toxic?After several inquiries, it turns out that Fu Guolin drink, was generated by alcohol, used as fuel containing methanol.

save six days drinking nearly two jins white

4, 4 o 'clock in the morning, Fu Guolin were transferred to the second affiliated hospital of chongqing medical university for emergency treatment of emergency department, at this time, he was in a coma and hospital issued notice of dying.

"the doctor said that his life was in danger, we are all urgent like the ant on the hot pot!"As the family anxiously awaiting the result of the rescue, unexpectedly, the doctor made an incredible decision: "let us take to the streets to buy wine, they say buy 50 degree of gloss, to detoxify!"Fu Guolin wife also feel this way unheard of, "is drinking was originally and then drink?"

the doctor attitude determination.Family members understand promptly to bought a few bottles of height of liquor.

because of the severe poisoning doctors using dialysis treatment to remove the methanol in the blood, let one side Fu Guolin dialysis, drinking, and cooperate with medical treatment.

considering the dialysis will take away the detoxification in ethanol (true) wine ingredients, dialysis, doctors per hour for 35 ml Fu Guolin drink white wine, drink at ordinary times per hour 15 to 20 ml of liquor.From 4 to yesterday, Fu Guolin already drinking nearly two jins of liquor, 24 hours a day.

to yesterday morning, Fu Guolin methanol content in the blood from 487 mg/L dropped to 4.6 mg/L, he can already was released from the hospital.

can explain the "true" solution "fakes"

"wine" to "fakes"?

the second affiliated hospital of chongqing medical university emergency department physician Fang Yan introduction, this is what they department for about 20 years the first case "oral ethanol therapy", but use a true wine the fakes, the answer is yes.

this is because, generally the most common cause of methanol poisoning, mainly for the mistake of fakes, or use industrial alcohol poisoning caused by.

methanol itself is not toxic, but methanol by the metabolism of human body, under the action of dehydrogenase, formaldehyde and formic acid, cause harm to human body.And ethanol (true) can also be in under the action of dehydrogenase, acetaldehyde and acetic acid.Compared with methanol, ethanol and dehydrogenase ability is stronger.

so true after drink wine, wine ethanol would have a competition and the methanol in the blood, the result of competition is methanol won't effect and dehydrogenase, the role of detoxification.

methanol poisoning can immediately drink under highly really

the doctor remind

Fang Yan doctor reminds, formaldehyde and formic acid methanol by the human body metabolism, damage the human nervous system, the optic nerve.Severe cases may even blindness, or death.And formic acid into the bloodstream, lead to metabolic poisoning, caused by environmental chaos in the human body.

citizens when drinking, don't drink source of wine should be paid attention to;Before drinking taste smell and a small mouth, have any smell don't drink;After drinking any different feelings and different shape, to go to a doctor immediately.And once confirm methanol poisoning, or have any suspected methanol poisoning symptoms, such as headache, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, especially the symptom such as blurred vision, should go to a doctor immediately.

so, people mistakenly drink methanol poisoning, whether can also take oral ethanol therapy?

Fang Yan doctors before the treatment, in order to timely treatment of methanol toxicity, should immediately drink really highly alcohol (ethanol) as an antidote.In this way, it is necessary to take every hour, every time 30 ml, at the start of the can drink some more.

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