my mother always help the practice of family i married my grandmother let me only to send goose feather!

my dad home very poor before, grandma and grandpa are frail, my uncle was married, leave my dad when I was breaking up an empty house, it doesn't even have a table, also left my dad grandpa's grandmother, my father can't go out to work, every month to send money back to grandpa's grandmother life.

my mother always help her maiden, grandma I got married, let me only to send goose feather!

father met my mother in outside, my mother don't think he is poor, but when my dad went to propose, grandparents not put people, later, after never agree to marry to my mother, my grandfather would often come to my father for money, is to marry his daughter didn't pay the bride price money will be going back to the one by one, and sometimes my dad really have no money, my grandfather is going to take away my mom.

my grandpa's grandmother had died the year I was born, my parents took me out to work.My mother has a brother and a sister, uncle and sister living in maternal grandparents there can be, especially sister, married a condition better, but not how to support their family.

my mother always help her maiden, grandma I got married, let me only to send goose feather!

work later my parents back to do business in the county, my grandmother from time to time to arrange some things back to uncles and, my mother also don't say anything, just feel life is fine now, to support their support.New Year's day my mother also bags with things to see them, but my sister is easy to go, sometimes people receive what ask my grandmother home, grandmother would say it's eldest daughter sent what, little daughter come empty-handed.

I grew up, to see some matter also have to understand, to contact my grandma's.When I was going to get married, do not intend to invite grandma their originally, in my mother's repeated request, I bought a lot of things with my future husband to inform grandma and sister them, give them each package for five hundred dollars of red envelopes, they didn't intend to come to my wedding.

my mother always help her maiden, grandma I got married, let me only to send goose feather!

wedding day, grandmother and sister they didn't come, my mother cry sparse inside hua, but they let a person have two bags of things, evening back down, is two bags of goose feather, say winter cold can do down jacket.After these two bags of goose feather let me also to do so, uncle children full moon, I'll send the goose feather, and said, "are relative, thousands of miles to send goose feather, courtesy light affective heavy!"They would love to see so weak, hurt my mother, so I do it in for?

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