red wine how are we going to see the old driver method

method is always more than problems, old driver teach you N kind of red wine bottle method, the the later method is the more classic.

open red wine Look at the old driver method

a, bottle opener, bottle method

1, the wine bottle upright on the table, one hand hold bottle;

2, another skill to use knife cut open the packaging tin foil.Along the bottleneck on the leakproof ring on a circle, then draw a knife can eliminate the foil at the top;Operation is careful not to turn the bottle;

3 arms, a bottle opener, aim the bottle opener spiral drill cork, vertical rotating bottle opener, until the final step of spiral needle;

4, put down the bottle opener on arms and leverage at the upper part out wine plug;

5, wine after pulling, use clean dinner cloth wipe the bottle.

open red wine Look at the old driver method

2, towels, bottle method

1, with a towel wrapped around the bottom of a wine.

2, the bottle against the wall, the bottle with metope to keep vertical state, even powerful hit the bottom of the bottle, bottle stopper will be top up slowly.

after the part 3, once the cork is out, you can pull it out by hand or forceps.

open red wine Look at the old driver method

three, linked bottle method

1, find a hook or fine wire.

2, will be linked with forceps or wire Angle adjustment is appropriate.

3, will link from one side of the cork into the bottle, rotary hook and hook the cork, drag it out.

open red wine Look at the old driver method

4, cutting tool bottle method

1, using a paring knife, or have a serrated knife (note: the blade can't be too wide nor too narrow, to just can be tied into the cork, but does not cut the edge of the cork).

2, the blade into the middle of the cork, try to avoid cut edge.Holding the bottleneck, slowly turn the handle, drive the cork with rotation.When rotation strength too much.Then the handle slowly lift, slowly pull out the cork.

open red wine Look at the old driver method

five, screw bottle method

1, will be part of the screw nails into the cork, another part of the stay outside.

2. Use pliers clamp screw, together with the cork out.

open red wine Look at the old driver method

6, key bottle method

1, the key leaned into the prepared the cork.

2, hold the lion's share of the key parts, choose conveniently in the direction of rotation, slowly the cork is out.

open red wine Look at the old driver method

7, chopsticks to push the cork into

1, don't cork, use chopsticks or push the forbidden plug in to right stick.

2, cut open bottle cap, clean bottle and a cork, squeeze bottle stopper slowly in the opposite direction, is the pressure inside the bottle.The bottle will never burst, because red wine is different from other kinds of drinks with gas, wine bottle is specially treated, pressure because you will not burst.

3, but note that can't be too hard, slowly to squeeze, to prevent accidents.

information from the Internet, the above method test available.To master the above method, allows you to easily open red wine anytime and anywhere.

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