Like to eat dinner, will not fat, nutrition quickly help sleep to action!

nutritionists recommend, at the time of dinner should right amount the food eat more contain tryptophan, because this kind of material metabolism in human body is generated after 5 - hydroxy tryptamine, this kind of material that do have a very positive role as a sedative and induce sleep.In the food of dinner might as well prepare some more food containing vitamin b group.Vitamin have synergy between each other, can regulate metabolism, enhance the function of the nervous system, so it can have very good eliminate fidgety and promote the role of sleep, the effect is very important for modern people.In the food of dinner, experts remind, should also add some more food containing calcium, magnesium and other trace elements, because the two substances is a natural relaxation agent and tranquilizer.Share the following a few way to everyone:

a, milk egg stew

milk steamed egg, chicken, also known as custard, sweet and delicious, everyone's favorite dessert.Milk steamed egg, milk and eggs composite, the taste of sweet and tender, melt in your mouth, simple and delicious, let a person how to eat is not enough, it is full of happiness.Have to raise colour, the effect of ziyin blood tonic, strengthening the body, also easy to digest, is suitable for a young and old together to share.

like to eat dinner, will not fat, nutrition quickly help sleep to action!

1. Soil eggs, milk, sugar, mango, honey almond ready;The eggs into egg mixture, milk is ready.

2. Add 2 tablespoons sugar into egg mixture, mix well after waiting for 3 minutes, let the sugar dissolves.

3. Beat egg with a sieve 1 times;Pour milk into egg mixture, stir in one direction until smooth, wait for 3 minutes, let two liquids amalgamation.

4. And eggs with the milk mesh filter, the filter good milk egg liquid into the bowl slowly;Bowl covered on the surface of plastic wrap, use a toothpick a few tiny holes on the surface.

5. Mango butyl, almond ready;Cold water under the pot, put the bowl in the steam pan, cover;Steam for 15 minutes, the fire in the tear film can;The mango, almond set.

2, apple millet gruel

in all of the tryptophan in the food, to contain tryptophan content is the most abundant in the millet, add small m so dinner staple food should be a good idea, to improve the amount of tryptophan to enter the brain.

like to eat dinner, will not fat, nutrition quickly help sleep to action!

1. Millet washed 2 times.

2. Apple peel to nuclear and cut xiaoding.

3. The first into the water in the pressure cooker, add the millet.

4. Then put in diced apple;Build on the fire on the stove to boil, turn a small fire to boil after saic for 20 minutes.

3, chilli dried small shrimps egg cake

dried small shrimps, filling calcium, kidney strong sun, spleen appetizer, protecting cardiovascular system, prevent hardening of the arteries.Dried small shrimps are rich in protein and minerals, especially calcium content is extremely rich, have "calcium library" is a better way of calcium, calcium supplements.

like to eat dinner, will not fat, nutrition quickly help sleep to action!

1. Ready to green pepper, flour, shrimp, egg.

2. Green pepper wash, cut fine grained standby;Eggs are struggling, in green peppers.

3. Add flour.Pour the milk.

4. Mix well, add salt, tune into a thick batter.

5. Heat pan, wipe on a layer of oil;Pour the batter, full of pan.

6. Evenly add shrimp;The batter basic solidification, swirling, laying down side;Pour into a moderate amount of oil;Fry until both sides light yellow.

4, nori bread

like to eat dinner, will not fat, nutrition quickly help sleep to action!

1. The rice in advance; pork dicing with soy sauce, cooking wine, sugar, chicken essence, and mix well for 30 minutes.

2. Ready to roasted seaweed and vegetables;Wash all the vegetables and cut.

3. Nori with scissors cut into equal parts is small;Pork with some olive oil to mix well.

4. Pour oil into fry pan to fry the pork color fill out;Bottom oil into vegetable stir-fry.

5. Add oyster sauce stir for a minute;Add rice continues to stir.

6. Add diced continue to stir;Add salt and a little sugar;Stir evenly off the fire.

7. Put the cooked rice ladle one scoop into the laver above;Then like bag bread wrapped.

5, walnut garden chrysanthemum

after Fried walnuts, very crispy, match with green garden chrysanthemum, very beautiful, taste is very brittle.

like to eat dinner, will not fat, nutrition quickly help sleep to action!

1. The garden chrysanthemum to remove the leaves, only keep stem, cut it into inch sections. Slice garlic.

2. Cool walnut oil under oil, fry small fire.

3. Leave a little oil in pan, add garlic until fragrant.

4. Join garden chrysanthemum;Stir rapidly.

5. Saute until green, add cooked walnut;Add salt to taste out of the pot.

six hollow, shrimp skin soup

tender and tasty, and dried small shrimps cooked soup, more tasty!

like to eat dinner, will not fat, nutrition quickly help sleep to action!

1. Ingredients: water convolvulus and dried small shrimps.

2. Clean the dried small shrimps, soaked with water for 30 minutes.

3. Soaking water convolvulus with water for 30 minutes, choose the wash and drain well.

4. Advance good pig bone soup, scooping up bones;The dried small shrimps in the pig bone soup.

5. Cover the pot, the fire and bring to boil;Peel, pour proper amount of olive oil.

6. Add the right amount of chicken powder;Pour the right amount of flavor salt and pepper;Into the water spinach.

7. Cover the pot, the fire boil, soup a roll, immediately turn off the heat;Sheng into the bowl on the table and then can enjoy meimei!

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