Seven delicious nourishing the stomach small helper, brothers and sisters to the stomach is bad!

stomach like a machine that can work each day, want to protect the stomach, a meal on time every day, sit to eat, don't be standing or crouching.Effect of nourishing the stomach introduces for you below recipes, nourishing the stomach as expensive drugs!

a mount, stir-fried pills

yam with sticky protein, amylase, saponins, free amino acids, such as polyphenol oxidase, and content is rich, have nourishing effect, for rehabilitation after illness to eat the best, have a strong body, zi essence with good effect.

seven big delicious nourishing the stomach small helper, brothers and sisters to the stomach is bad!

1. Wash yam peel, green red pepper, black fungus soaked standby;Ginger cut filaments, thinly slice garlic.

2. The red hot peppers cut oblique section;Go green pepper seeds, cut into small pieces after reinforcement;Yam cut diamond films.

3 tablets under the mountain after the boiling water pot blanch, remove to spare;Heat oil on oil in the pan, Chinese prickly ash, red pepper, shredded ginger until fragrant.

4. Pour in bell peppers, agaric stir;Pour into mountain tablets, cooked into white vinegar;After add right amount salt, fire stir evenly can be out of the pot.

2, sweet potato cake

sweet potato fiber is equivalent to 10 times that of the rice flour, its fine texture, do not hurt the stomach, can speed up the digestive tract creeping motion, then help row, clean up the digestive tract, shorten the toxic substances in food in intestine, retention time, reduce the poisoning caused by then the secret person body itself, reduce the bowel way to pollutants concentration, hemorrhoids and large intestine carcinoma.Modern research has shown that the sweet potato contains a lot of dietary fiber, can help to stimulate gastrointestinal motility and secretion of digestive juice, protecting the stomach.

seven big delicious nourishing the stomach small helper, brothers and sisters to the stomach is bad!

1. Rinse sweet potato;Peel slice;In a steamer, steam for 15 minutes or so, steamed

2. Hot pressed into mud;Add sugar, glutinous rice powder, sweet potato mud to add little by little;Knead the dough.

3. The dough into equal size, together with the hand;Did the plum flower shape, mold with a few glutinous rice powder, put the dough in the mold, according to the flat

4. Demoulding;Put oil pan, into the prepared small cake, circular press the dough flat can;Small fire pan-fried golden brown on both sides

three, millet gruel

millet congee is a health food, steaming alone, also can add big jujube, red beans, sweet potato, lotus seed, lily, etc., boil into flavors nutrition porridge.Millet ground into powder, cake, delicious, millet, millet, namely can open intestines and stomach, abdomen is deficient, interest, can be used for blood loss, physical weakness, poor appetite, supplements, less suitable for maternal milk, postpartum virtual loss caused by the lack of burnout, eating sweet, can make breakfast.

seven big delicious nourishing the stomach small helper, brothers and sisters to the stomach is bad!

1. Millet elutriation clean standby

2. Ready to water starch

3. Pour into a suitable amount of water in the soup pot, the fire to boil

4. Pour into millet turn the fire to boil after small fire, cooked to 8 to 10 minutes

5. Open fires, down to the rock sugar, continue to the fire to boil

6. Pour water starch, pour and stir with a spoon, boil for 1 minute, then

4, soup on the doll

on baby food is a home cooking soup, main ingredient is baby food, main cooking process is boiled, and then with a thick soup.Finished product fresh, fragrant, taste and concentration.The baby food taste sweet, slightly higher than the ordinary Chinese cabbage, nutritional value and Chinese cabbage, rich in vitamins and selenium, higher chlorophyll content, has the rich nutritional value, contains rich cellulose and trace elements, can also help prevent colon cancer.

seven big delicious nourishing the stomach small helper, brothers and sisters to the stomach is bad!

1. Preserved egg cut xiaoding;Doll dish wash and 1 through 6 paragraph.

2. Peel garlic, spare;Rinse the goji berries.

3. The pot the oil into the small fire fry garlic till fragrant.

4. Add stock to bring to a boil;The water boiled to baby food, preserved egg, Chinese wolfberry into.

5. Cook until the baby food become soft, fill out;Add a little water in the soup starch flour;Water on the baby food.

5, garlic with okra

okra, rich in trace elements such as zinc and selenium, is of great help to enhance the capacity of human cancer anticancer.Also can cure sore throat;Urine tube acerbity;Diabetes;Prevent cancer;Protection of gastric mucosa;Can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, conducive to digestion, benefit stomach;Can improve the ability of hypoxia.

seven big delicious nourishing the stomach small helper, brothers and sisters to the stomach is bad!

1. Okra wash;Cut off;Blanch in boiling water it

2. Rinse with cool water pouring out.From sliced yards into the plate

3. Ready to garlic and red chili;Garlic rub into mud, red pepper cut into foam, and add salt to

4. Sugar, vinegar, oyster sauce, sesame oil;Stir well;Pour over yards good okra serve

6, cheese fragrant thousand layer soda biscuit

soda biscuit, it looks so ordinary and humble, simple, but it has its unique feature, because is rich in the soda alkaline, so the soda biscuit for gastric acidity caused by stomach pain relief to a certain extent, its quantity of heat low no burden, weight loss and high blood sugar can also taste, I love the soda biscuit, because I feel that I am such a person, simple but useful.

seven big delicious nourishing the stomach small helper, brothers and sisters to the stomach is bad!

1. 100 g to prepare low powder, corn 45 grams, 20 grams, water, a tablespoon of milk powder, baking soda, 1 g, a small scoop of yeast, the material together, knead into dough.Cover with plastic wrap, room temperature fermentation 20-30 minutes, a slightly larger size.

2. 1 g of salt, low powder 30 grams, corn oil, 11 g, black sesame, mix and into a smooth dough.

3. The rest will be growing fermented dough material rolling square another.

4. The cake is put in the side, put the cake flattened, with a rolling pin pressure the pressure, make pastry slice.

5. The three edge crush with the hand, this cake rest the whole package in another.

6. Well, to roll it into rest square to another.

7. Aside from the third to the middle fold, on the other side also from a third to the middle fold;Then folded;And then rolling into big slice.

8. Controlled step 7 fold in half way.And then rolling rectangularity, so repeated three times.

9. After repeated three times, rolling into a thin rest of another as far as possible;Cutting edges, and immediately with a fork in the above holes evenly in the thorns.

10. Divided into the shape of a oneself to like, each piece is not too big;Into the pan, in a warm place for final fermentation, 20 to 30 minutes.Fermentation to rest preheat oven to 180 degrees, another can be slightly thicker in the preheated oven, top with tin foil biscuit baking paste, bake for 15 minutes.

7, braised potato

under the vegetable in the potato is a grain, scientific name, potato and rice, wheat, corn, sorghum, together known as the global top five crops.Complete nutrition, digestion, absorption and easy for the human body, in France, is called the underground apples, potatoes in Europe and the United States holds the title of the bread.The potato is low thermal energy, vitamins and trace elements, is an ideal diet food.The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, potatoes sex gan, ping of, replenishing qi spleen and stomach, strengthen the effect such as kidney, diminishing inflammation, invigorate the circulation of detumescence, can assist to treat indigestion, habitual constipation, fatigue, chronic stomach pain, joint pain, god skin disease such as eczema, and stomach disease and heart disease in patients with high quality health food products.

seven big delicious nourishing the stomach small helper, brothers and sisters to the stomach is bad!

1. potato peeling cutting, cutting Onions and ginger.

2. Pour oil heat into potato stir fry pan.

3. Wait add onion ginger aniseed;Continue to stir until potatoes slightly transparent.

4. Add soy sauce;Add soy sauce;Add the right amount of water;Add the oyster sauce.

5. Add sugar and a little salt to the fire to 15 to 20 minutes;Potato soft liquid dry. Pour into a little water starch.

6. Pour into the sesame oil;Stir evenly off the fire.

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