Delay time was drinking

by drinking delay time

(September 30, 2012, graduated from welcome made a special trip back to 20 year's 75 anniversary of the pool and wine)

wrote a couple of days ago my meal and beautiful girls, early in the morning had been sent to the pool in the United States, as mentioned in the article.Inside me is always considered her as their sister.

pool in the us in the group consisting of a small group of faint sighed and said: "reminds me of that the seniors delay time", and then smiled to welcome you all to the United States, "no, wine tube...... my family also has a few bottles of good wine, enough for brother zhu, mainly to don't botch my wine."

I couldn't help over your face.

school sister say this words, is a reason for that.

I drink also belongs to the bumpkin, with wine, there is no point tasting ability, let alone to enjoy.In the summer of 1989, and my classmates, moderated once 6 mouth poured out of the 3 bottles of tonghua wine, didn't touch from ten years of wine, has been away for wine.

a Mid-Autumn festival in previous years, school sister just came back from the United States, we have three family.At school sister said, bring me back a bottle of red wine from the United States, "brother zhu, this is my specially for you back from the United States oh, very good, you must try", after - school sister go to countries, drinking wine instead.At another brother, was an American company senior vice President of global, said to me, this is good wine.But I drank two, some reluctantly, bumpkin have new experience is always like that.Helpless, school sister had to make another brother opened a bottle of white wine, both of them to drink wine, I drink white wine.But the pool is very angry, and said, "I somehow is hidden in the trunk, risked his broken spoiling a suitcase luggage to bring brother you come back, you don't drink, gave himself a big cup, taste the unexpectedly also said I don't like to drink red wine", this wine guanshan wanli, I have such treatment, apparently failed to live up to pool a piece of mind.Pool at losing later recall that year, when she took the guanghua scholarship, a grind, bought a bottle of Zhang Yubai wines, please I and another front my teacher younger brother countries in the people's university two hug my dormitory, will the peanut to drink, "the changyu Bai Dou drink of brother, incredibly don't drink red wine" as well as you.

school sister is my dinner on the first drink of beauty.She is my countrymen, changzhou university school sister, grow very beautiful, I always said she silhouette with Catherine, Hepburn's verve.

pool is walks on the people's university of China.Unfortunately, met our college several countryman brother, since then have "years" by the seniors delay, from college until she left the United States.

at the university of time, the pool with another teetotal beauty school sister together, combined with us "escaping" colleges and universities in Beijing between fellow classmates, take refuge in the day, play drinking.Drinking is given priority to with white wine and beer.Is the popular low-priced Volkswagen liquor, unlike today we such exquisite wine.

summer and winter vacations, Beijing bureau of wine to his hometown, my family and the country, because space capacious, is one of the most important place for meetings.That year, my family at the dinner table, how many talented young people used to drink down!Including the pool.

school sister later and I work in Beijing, this wine bureau still exists, still from Beijing to changzhou, only in Beijing, sometimes in the home of my brother and the other, or pool in Beijing, until the school sister left Beijing to work in Hong Kong.I recalled later, I now in Beijing and changzhou drinking two "base", "pan" actually is from that year we together in the National People's Congress in changzhou countryside drink my meal.

pool is magnanimous frank, this is the reason why we like her.The wind is pool of wine.Is often on the wine table pike spurge, left to choose right block, don't lose a man, just sometimes also can't stop him.School sister mother later concluded with me with a smile, as long as the school sister several senior drinking with us, first, second, will be drunk to go home, need to school sister brother pick her up, one year in hengshan bridge a brothers home after drinking wine, pool drunk, the results of my wife drive, the car is only my girl was still a child just kindergarten, in the back seat to take care of the pool, Mrs. Stranger there is dark, can't find, last call school sister home, with her brother about the dinosaur park near an iconic store, by her elder brother find the way back to the city.

school sister said with us just like to drink, with others, generally do not drink.

a year we are back to changzhou mothering, go to the Beijing bureau of a brother at home to drink wine, brothers son just born, my wife and I and pool four people, drank a myriad of rice wine, school sister cry, this is my first time to see the pool is so sad, Mrs Later criticized us, only drink with pool, but the pool our thoughtlessness.

the s, pool a large number of spare time and play with us, really didn't study hard at school, but she still get a scholarship.However, with a group of idle "drunkard" the seniors avenging boredom, but also delayed the pool make other heterosexual friends fall in love.Wife's words made me a fiercely, as a "ghost head" (dialect, meaning the ringleaders), the in the mind have a lot of guilt on pool.Later when drinking, I will take care of to the pool.

school sister go to study in the United States later, work and life.Come home, we in the condition of the seniors, as usual, will be in Beijing or changzhou invite her to dinner.She is now changed to drink red wine.

5 years ago, the school sister made a special trip back to people's university graduation party 20 years, we have several senior old drinking buddies asked her to sit, at school sister also say with me "complain", is the college didn't study hard, follow the seniors "fooling around", make themselves now "nothing", I said oh, you want what achievements, maybe to god.Actually pool now working in one of the world's top companies, is pretty good.Much more than her big brother I want to have ambition.

but it was a period of no utilitarian heart only sincere friendship is shining days.So, school sister said, "remember the years by the seniors delay", it is a fact, but also has a school sister means in pettish to show MOE.

school sister now live very happy, there is a very beautiful son, before the Spring Festival school sister took Mr Mothering and his son came back, we drank a as usual.School sister said, now is busy teach him to learn to shout "uncle" drink ", "uncle ready to welcome us these people to the United States as a toast for us?

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