The couple, one in market west, the east, keeping, where at least 20000!

small make up since moved to live near the market, has known a lot of man, doing business in a market, the day before yesterday to go downstairs to buy keeping, chatting, couple selling keeping in the same market, one is in the east, one in the west, with the two ends of the market, it is a monopoly, business is booming!Just had a fast in less than two years, I heard they will buy a suite in the city centre, by the end of years been able again to buy a car.
couple, one in market west, the east, keeping, where at least 20000!

chatting chatting, feel and their gap is too far away, inferiority complex heart arises spontaneously, isn't it!Because just started to do this business a few years, has been put in a stall selling , next month will rent a facade in the neighborhood, again tie-in selling something else.

listen to sell keeping daughter-in-law said, people buy things now, are fond of watching the presentation, is handed down from their craft, sometimes keeping for long time, not the presentation, the guests not to buy, said something bad, is in no way, just add some pigment, preservative, or it will change color, guests don't understand these.
couple, one in market west, the east, keeping, where at least 20000!

add spices, they can be sold on a daily basis.The secret they spoke : to health, to taste a line still, third, we need good attitude, polite, four credit reputation.

there said, before they are going to buy a house by the end of!, I suddenly thought of, my uncle who is selling keeping, more than a year ago, uncle and aunt in her mother-in-law home single yard start braised food shop, business is also very popular, with the couple's shop more and, small shop, three square, you can imagine.After uncle aunt to make money, is also said to buy a house, finally to the house as a result, sulky, divorced...!couple, one in farms west and the east, keeping, where at least 20000!

must be sent, or how it is! heard were uncle met outside a a second young aunt, uncle who had just started doing business, no customers, also respectfully to the guest, now not only quality, if you buy, as long as is to pick a pick, also lost his temper with you, this is all listen to the neighbors say!Hope I'm downstairs market that the couple will not appear on the thing to do!
couple, one in market west, the east, keeping, where at least 20000!

high profit!Mostly people like to eat!Sometimes asked them turnover probably how many a day, ask them if they don't tell the truth, estimates that afraid to come to the ear of PM fee, don't want to increase the rent!The sun in summer, cold in the winter, come over, estimate is not generally high profit!

have to get the next time, when their costs, again to headlines and share!

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