Folk stories couples than drinking


half a bottle of the king is his nickname, and it doesn't matter what big howling.From the nickname you would think that he love to drink, a half bottle of son, drink everyday, don't let drink get hot, crazy.So love to drink, why call half a bottle of son, don't call a bottle of son two bottles of son?Because more than half a bottle of son, he will not sit.Don't sit to do?Under the table, the road pavement, toilet, toilet, go to the place where he stayed.Is a hotel in the area, some of the proper thing is false.It is nothing, missed the can fill do.Only, but also love out of something.What's the matter?The wallet, mobile phones, valuables, is often missing.Another time, to the daughter-in-law spend three thousand eight hundred yuan to buy jade bracelet, too.Afterwards, he recalled, said there were two boy, 30 years old, he a person drinks frowsty, ran his desk help, and touch the two cups, and daring to compete with him, than to what time, he did not know.After he woke up, slept in a no one can see the wall in the corners, a jade bracelet, of course, in his pocket.He ran back to my hotel, the somebody else say, you're drunk, you associate the two you go back.His anger, say: "I don't know them at all!"The somebody else say again, that we have no matter.

for drinking, daughter-in-law no less ou spirit with him, and yelled, also busy, cry cry, also fell a bottles, also back home, did not play a role.Indeed, half bottle son daughter-in-law is also good, baby, it just from this some, daughter-in-law was reluctant to leave him, and son again.Actually daughter-in-law most concerned about is not money, is his body, is his life.If you drink bad body, to drink out of the human life, that is a joke!This drink, drink a stomach ulcer, and drink out of the cancer that disease, is a small number!Also was drunk and fell well off the river drowned, drill under the car wheels die, think of fear.

daughter-in-law may not be able to feel it said, like, drinking so good, I also try, she will take half a bottle of coupe son not home himself, also really good, the in the mind also have.

two days later, the half bottle son returned home, a put down the table, took out the bottle glass.Daughter-in-law, smile happily ground to say: "I also drink half a bottle of a listen to, surprised to stare big eyes, like don't know your daughter-in-law, a long time to ask:" what are you drinking?"He did not believe that is true."Oh, I try some" daughter-in-law also said with a smile.Half a bottle of son still so looking at her.Daughter-in-law as he explained: "old wedding, don't drink or boring is not to blame."Oh, half bottle son see, also music, pestle thumb to say: "row, row, daughter-in-law, do you want to up skill" said returns with a glass, first to daughter-in-law is full, and filled his cup, end up said: "wife," wife went cheerfully to the glass.Half a bottle of son again and said: "I did, you literally" and daughter-in-law also touched the cup, and then toss off.Daughter-in-law sip a little with the mouth, immediately frown grin.At half a bottle of son daughter-in-law expression just smiled and gave daughter-in-law cheer: "drink" all right, "said the filled his cup again, end up again and said:" ok, drink "say that finish, toss off.His daughter-in-law didn't at the moment, it's a drink.Good!Half a bottle of son and daughter-in-law thumbs up to.

next, not half a bottle of poured wine for daughter-in-law, and daughter-in-law picked up the bottle, to fill his cup, and pour half a bottle of son.It just said a sentence: "quite good drink" said, took the cup and drank.Also urge half a bottle of son: "you are quick to drink half a bottle of" light stare blankly see daughter-in-law, and daughter-in-law say, oh oh, the cup, but only drink half a cup, then at the daughter-in-law.Daughter-in-law, pouring, one-sided also said: "drink good, quite good to drink half a bottle of son see daughter-in-law of hang red in the face, know her drink too fierce.Daughter-in-law filled the cup, but also whether he, end up to drink again.

!Half a bottle of a tingle, stretch hand to hold the daughter-in-law's mission, on the other hand take glasses to come over and said: "the daughter-in-law, too hard, eat food" "eat dish?"Daughter-in-law see he asked."Eat food, eat vegetables, pressing" half a bottle of son said again.Daughter-in-law smiled, picked up the chopsticks, clamp the mouth food, chewing food, still looking for her glasses.A look at the half a bottle of hand, and go to pick up, put away half a bottle of son, said: "the daughter-in-law, too hard, eat a food again" "return to eat ah, old why to eat food, it's good. In the future, I'll attend the wedding also dare to drink the" daughter-in-law said while laughing.

daughter-in-law did not drink wine, and drank so fierce, it is well, can't call daughter-in-law to drink.Half a bottle of son makes a beloved, said, where are you going with tomatoes, the decanter.Daughter-in-law a listen to nod, punch-line punch-line son smiled and went to the.Half a bottle of son to fly the daughter-in-law cups of wine to drink more than half, and give the full of water.Daughter-in-law to just drop sugar mixed with tomatoes, shouted hungry son listen to the house to do homework.She never end cup, to end a meal again later.

half a bottle of this happy son, daughter-in-law a drink with him, and certainly not tube him again, after again trapped, sleep cool his side again.Half a bottle of son daughter-in-law front-around end rice, attached to drink two cups, just pick up the wine, he was afraid of daughter-in-law to drink.

on meals to daughter-in-law end, did not have a look at the wine, he asked, wine?Half a bottle of son hurriedly say, line, drink again tomorrow.Daughter-in-law also didn't say what, the son call out and began to eat three, but sometimes daughter-in-law also couldn't help laughing.Half a bottle of son know daughter-in-law is a little high, can not control, just laugh, also with smile.Son smiled without rhyme or reason to ask what they laugh.

"happy to laugh, have a meal to eat half a bottle of" son was fobbed off with this son.

a few days passed, and on a Saturday, son to attend a school activities, don't come back at noon.Chances are good that daughter-in-law early wine on the table, with half a bottle of drink have a ball.Half a bottle of son, daughter-in-law coupe, addicted to, heart the joy ah.

good daughter-in-law made four dishes.After dish made a daughter-in-law also sit down.But half a bottle of intentionally ask daughter-in-law: "do you still drink?""Oh, quite good" this one be born son, daughter-in-law and a turn to say: "why, don't let me drink!"

"there is no" half a bottle of the tone of the sound of the daughter-in-law, and hurriedly said with both hands.

and daughter-in-law said: "I not drink it I also want to than with you, see who drink too much "

" what, you than with me?!"Half a bottle of son like listening to the aliens.

"you dare not, how?"Daughter-in-law watched he asked, somewhat provocative tone.

half a bottle of eye blink blink meng meng, know daughter-in-law call with him, also afraid of this!Said, pointing to his wife: "I tell you, drinking parties don't blame me"

"complain, why are you still don't know who lie prone"

"ok" half a bottle of this son opened the bottle, and fill the cup, in front of daughter-in-law, and poured himself a glass of, all full.Half a bottle of son the right hand of nolina recurvata also didn't flow, left hand holding the cup, said, come.Daughter-in-law, also end up, snapped a touch, both a stuffy.Half a bottle and then pour on the, end up, two people touch and stuffy.Half a bottle a little become speechless, and looked at the daughter-in-law.

"pour, see my stem?"Daughter-in-law to rush him.

the half bottle son again, don't give daughter-in-law.

"filled them up!"Daughter-in-law a little dissatisfied.Half a bottle of son hurriedly to fill full.The daughter-in-law apex up, say, dry!The people of the two cup bottom again.

a cup of then a cup, it was drinking, into drinking water.Half a bottle of son and be in a daze.Daughter-in-law a copy bottles, himself, pour half a bottle of son again.Then end again, can not drink immediately, cheerfully asked half a bottle of son: "I can not drink?"

"ah ah ah" half a bottle of son nodded replied mechanically.

"back to attend the wedding banquet, I who also not afraid, all drink and lay them" daughter-in-law a little satisfiedly said these words, just punch-line punch-line to laugh out loud.

half a bottle of son light become speechless, that there are words ah, a grinning half mouths, just watched daughter-in-law, the muscles of the face.

"to see why, I do not know! See you son" this sentence a fall to the ground, and drank the wine.Waved the head, touched the bosom, said: "I'm hot" take off your clothes, took off his jacket, then fill the cup, a back neck and drink.Say again: "I'm hot" solutions for the bra clasp, take off again, stretched out his hand and pulled the bra.Daughter-in-law drink gao, rude, even in spite of the body, fortunately, is in the home, it shall be carried out at...

half a bottle of son suddenly XingDun, see daughter-in-law drag bra, caught the daughter-in-law, bring into tears son said: "I don't drink, don't drink!"

"drink, drink, and I, I, you're drinking, drinking parties, get down...."Daughter-in-law struggled to say, the words are inconsistent.I said, the body is falling,

half a bottle of son hurriedly stretch hand to hold her.Daughter-in-law mouth still mixed ground to say, the body has lost own, eyes closed, too.Half a bottle of son carried her into the bedroom, onto the bed.

daughter-in-law drunk, drunk unconscious, open chest Lou.Looked at the daughter-in-law, half a bottle of run tears fall.

actually, daughter-in-law didn't drunk, because before that, she didn't try, drink a bottle of daqu, what to do, maybe this is talent.Where is this, half bottle son know.

half a bottle of son drinking, teetotal.

he also often say with daughter-in-law, wine is not a good thing, don't drink!

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