Maotai meet "should" : no wine to sell Merchants were cut in half

(CCTV financial transaction time) with industry recovery contrast, next to the famous liquor maotai distillery is a street, the reporter sees with distinct is no wine maotai distillery korah, merchants business so empty here.

maotai meet

reporter YiPing: here is a street of maotai liquor, which you can see through the lens here next to the maotai brewery, have greatly small shops selling liquor in this street hundreds, through our observation of the morning Can see the business here is quiet bad to do, said many businesses are now selling liquor in the store, for example, that a 20 square meters of shops is one month's rent four dollars, plus the cost of the artificial water and electricity coal, a shop down cost would be about hundreds of dollars a year, many businessmen to 11:30 now say they haven't opened, a jin of liquor are not sold, sales and the end of last year the most popular than about cut in half.

in maotai liquor street, mainly sold in bulk wine here, walk on the road can smell the thick wine, although a lot of traffic, but stopped only a few customers to buy wine, many stores or playing with a mobile phone, or watching television.

maotai meet

reporter: business now?

guizhou maotai liquor merchants: is bad.

reporter: in the game.

guizhou maotai liquor merchants: sitting bored at not playing games.

reporter: sold today?

guizhou maotai liquor merchants: didn't sell.

guizhou maotai liquor merchants: for a few days didn't sell out.

reporter: here so you watch TV?

guizhou maotai liquor merchants: every day watching TV, playing mobile phones.

guizhou maotai liquor merchants: is one of the best in the second half of the second half of a little bit better.

reporter: and less than the second half of last year now?

maotai meet

guizhou maotai liquor merchants: almost half.

reporter: price?

guizhou maotai liquor merchants: the price the same.

guizhou maotai liquor merchants: sales fell more than half now.The business is not good at ordinary times.

Mr Deng street in maotai liquor business for more than a decade, he said first to do business maotai is very good, he often put the customers because of the large sales directly to the brewery, a year can reach tens of millions of sales.But since the second half of 2012, the business collapsed.

maotai meet

guizhou maotai liquor merchants Mr Deng: words now.

reporter: is not starting from the end of last year prices began to better.

guizhou maotai liquor merchants Mr Deng: is better, now the market good small bad, good big companies, small companies is not good.

maotai meet

according to reporter understanding, liquor-making industry in 2012 after the cyclical highs, industry was once very gloomy, liquor enterprise competition is very fierce, but the result of competition unexpectedly, instead of the more high-end high quality liquor expanded our market share, but without the brand of small winery in the round of adjustment after the lost their original share, behind it is the pursuit of consumers to the brand and quality become more and more attention to.In a street, maotai liquor is depositing a so big it one by one in almost every store, labelled a variety of vintage model to imitate, ranging from dozens to hundreds of yuan.Because here mainly for tourists, is now a tourist season, many businessmen are sold by the price by ten percent.

guizhou maotai liquor merchants Mr Deng: you bid low, the somebody else is your wine is bad, if you don't elevation point, higher prices are actually sold to guest wholesale prices.You can sell for 80 blocks of 800, marking the prices reflect the price itself wine quality is good, but your famous brand effect not reach, you can't sell so high.

maotai meet

guizhou maotai liquor merchants: actual cost more than 100 pieces, this is the retail price, they often come and buy more, are more than 100 or so.

reporter: 468100 dollars can sell.

guizhou maotai liquor merchants: yes, if I buy more than, 100 yuan more.

maotai meet

guizhou renhuai wine industry association deputy secretary-general Zhou Shanrong: it is SanJiu 90%, also have the so-called brand of wine, but in addition to the maotai, other enterprises basically is not what brand.So after upgrading of consumption, their product is still in the stage, 1.0 natural business is quiet this kind of situation will occur.

(this article editor: Chen Yu hsu)

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