"The yearning for life" Huang Lei last meal!All surface, li-ying zhao eat stop chopsticks

last meal

in the first quarter of the yearning for life has ended.At the end of the day, Huang Leihuang small kitchen do lunch for everybody is very simple, with leftovers.The last "bowl meal, a surface;Can't stop chopsticks li-ying zhao eat.Surface + leftovers, too, are very delicious!

we come together to see yellow small kitchen leftovers with face is how to do!

yellow small kitchen

big pot of boiling water cracker dough;

after the noodles cooked will surface is divided into three parts;

my first: chow mein, hoa to show a show;

pasta nourishing the stomach

chow mein

the second and third respectively in the chicken soup, fish soup.

usually do the fish, fish meal, don't pour out the rest of the material, directly used to make the dressing, the taste is great!

li-ying zhao is not really picky eaters version, bowl is in their mouth, immediately move chopsticks!

it's as simple as that of the face, deserve to go up leftovers...

looking forward to the second quarter" for life ", also look forward to can see small H...

like food friend please attention!

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