31 sets the plot in the name of the people

Zhao Ruilong oil steam group chairman han east xin-jian liu taste hundreds of a bottle of red wine, he proposed xin-jian liu to do red wine business in Italy, or to find gold mine business, reference to xin-jian liu timely to flee, because yang-jing ou was caught after all, afraid of what they were searched out.Xin-jian liu some unhappy things he wants to go abroad to avoid, find the excuse for wanting to go to Beijing to see Zhao Lichun ask a clear, Zhao Ruilong have to arrange his fancy agreed, so timid xin-jian liu what big trouble.Qi wei for his cousin came home and had to leave from landscape group, get back to that let him have a headache, can be seen entering a door the door of a pile of slippers.Qi with slippers, wei was going to ask leijiacha etc Liang Lu came out urged leijiacha etc throw slippers, also direct yelling it stinks and let qi wei is not happy, think Liang Lu relatives of those in the scold him.Liang Lu were unhappy with the qi wei's cousin, give gang rape the behavior of a yellow flower big girl, with more dissatisfied the qi wei to advise to help his cousin in the home, so will get away with wei qi relatives, and qi wei comes back with still busy processing, let his cousin to the victim's loss.Liang Lu warned the qi and wei, now is high pressure stage, the anti-corruption campaign let qi and wei don't hit on the muzzle.Hou Liangping ready sword action plan, but suddenly think cai-xia wei has the story didn't say it, worry will affect their sword action, so early in the morning and take the landing can find cai-xia wei, want to Liu Qingzhu mentioned the book to find out.Degree that went Hou Liangping Liu Qingzhu home, immediately report to Zhao Ruilong, negotiate the to date Zhao Ruilong xiao-qin gao had to be taken out.Hou Liang peace can find cai-xia wei lu asked what books, cai-xia wei has cried out, don't know, inadvertently and Liu Qingzhu her estranged, and Liu Qingzhu cremated, she doesn't know to speak out.Cai-xia wei did not know Liu Qingzhu cremated, Hou Liangping what comes next, and that was just know cai-xia wei Liu Qingzhu after cremated, because be retroactive cremation agreement, she just know Liu Qingzhu's death.Zhao Ruilong worry Liu Qingzhu death has been disclosed to xiao-qin gao but don't worry, because the relationship between Liu Qingzhu and cai-xia wei has always been bad, cai-xia wei know Liu Qingzhu things impossible.It seems to xiao-qin gao Liu Qingzhu body no one has ever seen, and cai-xia wei Liu Qingzhu don't care anyway, so she felt rest easy.Hou Liangping asked to cai-xia wei's house to see, cai-xia wei but had to bring them back home, but some point to put himself said of the story is said to come out.Cai-xia wei, her relationship with Liu Qingzhu is for the birds, and these Liu Qingzhu little wife in one by one, and save a lot of money, so she had to move the eye to eavesdrop on tracking Liu Qingzhu, lest what also catch a divorce.Cai-xia wei to listen to, Liu Qingzhu said something to the official farm, with Liu Qingzhu showdown, threatened to report Liu Qingzhu, but Liu Qingzhu don't fear, also supports her to Chen hai was reported.Cai-xia wei how long a mind's eye, don't want to because reported killed himself, so didn't go to report, but Liu Qingzhu to report, the results of myocardial infarction died.Zhao Ruilong want in case one thousand, dropped the cai-xia wei to do, but xiao-qin gao think cai-xia wei is city bureau and interviews is staring at, they kill cai-xia wei is not appropriate, so does not support Zhao Ruilong this practice.Tell Zhao Ruilong xiao-qin gao, books have been destroyed, and degree also present at that time, can prove all of this.Xiao-qin gao report to Zhao Ruilong at the same time, claims that the book has eighty million xin-jian liu's name on it, it makes Zhao Ruilong very not trust, so to xin-jian liu played a flank.Hou Liangping cai-xia wei there intelligence report to JiChangMing do, JiChangMing Hou Liangping instructions right away. It announced the official start of the sword action.Hou Liangping took the action report, found JiChangMing xiao-qin gao name to cross out, he was very confused, so straight asked JiChangMing reasons.JiChangMing think cai-xia wei evidence is circumstantial evidence, enough to let them arrest xiao-qin gao, so first to shanshui group accounts.Hou Liangping disapproval JiChangMing, for JiChangMing suspicious, so I asked if he had been landscape JiChangMing manor, whether with xiao-qin gao zhi dou sung.JiChangMing think you listen, Hou Liangping temptation in him, so angrily to Hou Liangping ignition, pointing to their primary task now, should be stay xin-jian liu not xiao-qin gao, Hou Liangping apologize to JiChangMing.Liang Lu to high education office, and as the qi and wei carrying high education do the illegal things, and report to higher education good do.Higher education didn't want to see Liang Lu, and think they are husband and wife she must be want to noisy, but Liang Lu has come to the office, he had to meet Liang Lu.Liang Lu tell good higher education, and the qi and wei carry him, get home a little relationship of relatives into the public security system, the high education is very don't believe it.Liang Lu because of high education don't believe yourself, and only with a word to her at home know, all of them said to the high education is a clear, also the qi wei with earlier work, last night is also good to high education made a report.Higher education is a listen to qi wei to do such a thing, immediately call the Beijing city public security bureau, ordered they must handle affairs according to law, the earlier things clear.Cell phone, high education took a deep breath, and think they may have been the qi wei to kill, or the standing committee on Tian Guofu speaking out against the qi wei appointed the deputy provincial level, with ShaRuiJin also does not have any comments, what is likely to explain ShengJiWei has been caught.Higher education good hush straight in my mind, once think Liang Lu reaction is true, as the qi and wei teacher, but family.Sword action, the people's procuratorate soldier three road, to arrest xin-jian liu, city bank, respectively, and landscape group accounts.Hou Liangping bring people into xin-jian liu office, xin-jian liu saw their panic, immediately ran to the separated from the conference room window and threatened to jump off a building threatening Hou Liangping.City bank arrested two President's action is very smooth, but landscape group account things, lu also went not very well.Xiao-qin gao very good information, all of the people's procuratorate needs to can also be ready to complete, lu lu yi ke said, she will be directly to the land can be put forward, do everything possible to cooperate with people's procuratorate.

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