Why do you say in May and June is watershed of maotai prices?The cellar will "make things"?

in April, the so-called traditional off-season, but, the price of flying maotai is not weak, not only light, also very prosperous, prosperous to what extent?A PiJia close to 1300, and 1300 is maotai official's "bottom line", the red line, the retail price.

for maotai dealers (stores), a bottle of wine easily earn more than four hundred yuan, this is what they like to see.Profits of four hundred yuan, more than the retail price of a lot of wine.

maybe, maotai high-level anticipated earlier this year that a wave of market, so, from the previous group of high-level stressed in the joint-stock company, sales, the company top, flying maotai retail price cannot exceed 1300 yuan.

everyone knows very well that the above circumstance, the way today to ask is: the same point, in 2015 and in 2016 a PiJia flying maotai?More than 800.

at the time (April and may, 2016), maotai distribution about most?Don't make money.

the ex-factory price of 819, when a PiJia only 835 yuan, the dealer only 15 spreads, deduct cost and expense, did not make money.

at the time, for the price of maotai is divided into two groups: some think a PiJia will to rise, will fall another school of thought.Remember the "drop" also sent a bet...

wine way was to send?Is rose.Nonetheless, or pinched the 1, because the maotai a PiJia really very weak.

this is not to make money is to when to change to come over?

5 - June 2016, when the end of may, June, maotai begins a PiJia rally.

it is under what circumstances "rally"?

the answer is: it introduced a number of valuation is asking the country to a PiJia reached 860 yuan, at the same time also gives a bulk price tag of 900 yuan.

however, in this way, maotai official denied at the time, "the price is the market, we no longer request."According to understand wine, this is price, was maotai around the dealers association to convey to the merchant.

at this point, maotai PiJia begin to go high.

in July, is not the "high", says, "jump" at that time.

combined with more than 2016 in May and June, wine feel, may and June of this year may also is a PiJia flying maotai, watershed.

that is to say, in May and June, if maotai PiJia still to keep the level of the current 1260 nearly 1300, after the July there is little possibility of falling prices.

on the other hand...What do you think?

in the same way, the 5, 6 months, the wuliangye and pits in the second half of this year prices is a what kind of situation will be clear.

in particular, to 5, and 6 months, if the price of wuliangye, the cellar is continues to go up the strong trend, the second half of the year is only one word: go up.

the cellar 1573 last year, "constantly make things"

in between may and June this year

will "make things"

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