Join the poppy shell in the hot pot harm have how old?


the poppy shell in the hot pot soup, come with water leaching of opium principle is the same.In fact, in many places, useful poppy shell bubble water to drink, called "poppy shell tea".Its active ingredients, there is no essential difference with the opium, it's just a matter of quantity.And, of course, the leaching of opium poppy shell element in the hot pot is not enough to make people addiction, but also determined by eat quantity and individual constitution.

however, add poppy shell in hot pot, after all, a potentially addictive, and the possibility of health risks, and to join the benefits of it are not too big, so the ban on its use also is a reasonable decision.In most countries and regions of the world, poppy shell are controlled items, are not allowed to as condiments added to food.

poppy seeds: good food ingredients

it is interesting to note that although opium ingredients such as morphine in opium poppy and poppy stalks the content is more, but the content is in the poppy seeds.This makes the poppy seeds can be used as food ingredients.

poppy seeds is a kind of very good oil crops, its oil content can reach more than 40%, much higher than 20% of the soybean.In addition, poppy seed oil is mainly composed of unsaturated fats, is a kind of fairly good cooking oil.This oil in China is often referred to as "royal meter oil", has even been speculation became day price of health care products.

to remove oil, poppy seed also contains nearly 20% of the protein and more than 20% of dietary fiber.Grow opium in some areas, the poppy seed oil after the residue can be used as food to the poor.

in the United States, poppy seed or its residue is usually used as a seasoning, as sesame, can buy and sell.

conclusion: basic confirmed rumors.Contains, such as morphine, opium poppy shell in the effective components, these components will be leach into the soup.As for hot pot add a quantity to whether achieve addictive or the amount of health hazards, associated with consumption and personal health.Add poppy shell in food, brought about by the "reasonable benefits" (i.e., increase the flavor) is not enough to offset the risks of it, so the disabled is a reasonable decision.

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