How do you know the hotel chef to do green pepper shredded meat?A real eye-opener!


green pepper shredded meat this way home cooking, a lot of people can do it, but so many years you do the right thing?Small hutch niang to give you today to share the hotel chef is how to make green pepper shredded meat:

prepare ingredients: green peppers, pork tenderloin, pepper, soy sauce, vinegar, salt, starch;And then cut the green peppers into shreds, lying pig tenderloin meat cut into wire later. Set aside.

in the chopped pork into the salt, soy sauce, flour and mix well, standby

first hot pot, then pour into edible oil, such as a pot of oil began to smoke, into a small fire, and then add the pork, stir fry.

to stir-fry shredded meat out of the pot, put some oil in pan, add green pepper silk, stir fry in the pan.

pour just cooked pork stir-fry with green peppers silk.

add pepper, vinegar, chicken, stir evenly can out of the pot after

note a few details:

1, marinated pork can put a little water, stir and add, a small amount can be.

2, Fried green peppers, time not too long, stir a few times.

3, chicken is finally put, pay attention to these details to make green pepper shredded meat is particularly tasty.

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