Stinky tofu is made from dung blisters?

is famous for its rotten "stinky tofu", this time is really "infamous".It is reported that more than a dozen stinky tofu manufacturing factory in shenzhen to increase the smelly tofu, unexpectedly with manure, completes the tofu with a cloth under the dunghill.

stinky tofu is blister with dung?

when three business personnel to investigate on the spot, vomiting, "one man even bile spit it out".Selling the stinky tofu is the chemical dyes, turn sour water, sewage, or even waste water processing.The yeast milk mixed with a chemical agent, and then to precipitation, precipitation after filtering, the filter of stool in a basin or a bottle of water, so that when the street peddles sprinkle a few drops on fresh tofu, bean curd there was the sense of smell.

stinky tofu is blister with dung?

but stinky tofu of formal way should be like this:

is a high protein quality soybean as raw material, after soaking beans, pulping, straining, halogen, the early stage of the fermentation, pickling, irrigation soup, late fermentation process.

stinky tofu is blister with dung?

because stinky tofu smell stinky tofu in fermentation after flooding system and the process of fermentation, containing protein under the action of proteases, decomposition, contains sulfur amino acids also fully hydrolysis, produce a compound called hydrogen sulfide (H2S), the compound has a pungent smell.This is the reason why stinky tofu smells rotten.

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