Drunk most often do five things, you do not?


as the saying goes, a man doesn't drink, white walking on the afterlife.Men, women don't get drunk, no chance.Drink, is a very common thing.Brokenhearted, or out of work.Invite three five friends, a little barbecue, several big green stick down, the mood is.

drunk most often do five things that you do not?

so, want to ask you, what would you all like to do something after drinking?

the first: sleep

believe that this is the most annoying, is also the best care.After drinking, find a to go to bed.No matter do you have this habit, drunk after try to control myself don't sleep immediately.Alcohol is to rely on liver digestion, immediately sleep, the body's metabolism is slow, adverse to the liver, prone to alcohol liver.

drunk most often do five things that you do not?

suggest drinking and wash your face with cold water, then sit and rest for a while.Heavy alcohol poisoning, is likely to be a sleepy.This case family to accompany in side, wake up every two hours an intoxicated person who commits, feed a little plain boiled water, until completely sober.

the second: to speak

drunk most often do five things that you do not?

unfortunately, I have a friend, pretty silent of a person at ordinary times, this can say after drinking.Not only that, but also like poetry, memorizing words.The most strange is the second day, don't remember what he said.

the third: be madness

drunk most often do five things, have you done yet?

is different from the first two bucket, this is were produced.A lot of drunken riot, cannot leave this kind of person.Was happily drink, drink too much one can do.This is the collapse, which is often said that the drink I don't know what his name is.

4 kinds: vomiting

generally this kind of friend, is for the dinner party and drink.May itself more reluctant to drink, drink many also nausea and vomiting.Also some friends for their own health, throat wanted to throw something up.

drunk most often do five things that you do not?

you must pay attention to, in fact, doing so is spit out the wine, the stomach but failed to escape the injured "bad luck"."Pick my throat" vomiting, such way of therapy is not scientific, and it is easy to cause the acute symptoms such as stomach bleeding and acute pancreatitis, but not the purpose of therapy.

5 kinds: drunk disorderly

come on, don't give yourself looking for a reason.Can really drunk after the whole, everyone knows.

drunk most often do five things that you do not?

alcohol shuang, drunk will regret it.How can reduce drunk uncomfortable symptoms such as headache, dizziness, nausea?The most important is, how can neither give up drinking, and fatty liver disease?

1, Perilla oil, stir yogurt: prevention of alcohol liver

drunk most often do five things, have you done yet?

the sour milk can protect a stomach mucosa, delay the absorption of alcohol into the human body, to drink and irritability, alleviate boredom is very effective.Perilla oil is rich in omega 3 fatty acids (alpha linolenic acid), can be directly for gold and EPA DHA brain blood in human body metabolism scavenger.

on the one hand, the consumption of Perilla oil can enhance memory, improve fatigue;Perilla oil, on the other hand, the alpha linolenic acid and protein in yogurt, together form a kind of easy to be absorbed by human body "water-soluble lipoprotein," help accelerate in the liver lipid transport and excretion, can prevent alcoholic liver.

2, tomato juice, drink dizzy

drunk most often do five things, have you done yet?

special tomato juice also contain fructose, can help promote alcohol decomposition, a drink 300 ml above, can make the drink dizzy feeling gradually disappear.

note: drink tomato juice is better than the effect of raw tomatoes.If you add a little salt, can stable mood.

3, fructus schisandrae

drunk most often do five things that you do not?

Chinese medicine schisandra can promote bile secretion, accelerate the decomposition of alcohol, drink to drink 1 cup of hot water of fructus schisandrae, can quickly solution wine.

in addition, don't drink and should do three things:

1, drink don't bathe immediately

a hot bath or sauna is easy to cause the heat gathered in the body do not send out, aggravating drunkenness, lead to a vicious vomiting even syncope.

cold bath, rather than from ingesting, will cause the liver to complement the consumption of glucose in the blood, add cold water stimulation, vasoconstriction, may lead to a broken vessel, colds, etc.

2, don't drink too much alcohol, coffee, strong tea and soda

don't drink too much drink coffee, in order to avoid water shortages intensified;Also don't drink strong tea, tea let heart too excited, and adverse to the kidney.Don't drink soda, or you will speed up the human body to the absorption of alcohol, bad for the liver, can also induce acute gastritis, etc.

3, drunk don't sport

alcohol have diuretic effect, drunken body moisture loss, more prone to dehydration, the extra exercise can aggravate the risk dehydration.Drunk more dangerous, can make the body heat suddenly accelerated, cause dizziness, syncope of hypoglycaemia, leg cramps, etc.

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