Diabetes | can drink?White wine?Beer?

as of today, is already the 26th world diabetes day.Is also the 10th "UN diabetes day", its theme is: common concerns of diabetes. call to tell us of the United Nations, the world is struggling with diabetes.

| diabetes can also drink? Liquor? Beer?

with the improvement of living standards, the incidence of diabetes is rising year by year, diabetes become hidden killer beside us.Diabetes patients like normal people, also can eat the right amount of any food, but not too much.

a person with diabetes should be how to eat?Today we will talk about this problem.

| diabetes can also drink? Liquor? Beer?

how to eat corn 1

sweet corn is more suitable for people with diabetes eat : shoulds not be too much to eat corn, occasionally can eat corn, sweet corn, sugar content is 2.3% lower than ordinary rice, and rice, the crude fiber content is almost nine times, is conducive to reduce postprandial blood sugar.

how many amount: waxy maize and soluble sugar content in sweet corn, sweet corn, compared to 2% higher than rice - 15%, and most of them are sucrose, glucose, fructose, cause blood sugar to rise.

eat less waxy maize, because contain branched chain of waxy maize starch content is high, easy to digest absorb , after use blood sugar to rise faster than other grains, quick, waxy maize can eat with miso or fiber food collocation, can slow the rise in blood sugar, which is helpful to control blood glucose.

2 Fried food

of the possible adverse health effects of high temperature cooked very unfavorable for diabetic patients.

after high temperature food produce a kind to be called the AGE (crosslinked protein and reducing sugar content) of harmful substances, the AGE in diabetics cumulative concentration is higher, the retinal damage in patients with more serious, at the same time, easy cause other complications.3 vegetables

cooking time not more than 20 minutes.

| diabetes can also drink? Liquor? Beer?

4 protein

meat cooking time not more than 2 hours.

avoid staple : oil gluten, potato chips, instant noodles, bread, moon cake, cake, rice cakes, Fried dough sticks,

: try to avoid vegetable sugar beet, leek, pickled potherb mustard, pickled cabbage.

: try to avoid fruit melon, sugar cane, candied fruit, grapes, litchi, durian, kumquat.

the above food for better blood sugar control patients are a small amount of food can be, can be controlled postprandial blood sugar to see if I can eat the food.

| diabetes can also drink? Liquor? Beer?

5 how drinking

(not recommended, calculation of heat when drinking needs to be within the scope of the total energy)

a standard:

285 ml beer, light beer 375 ml, 100 ml glass of red wine or white wine 30 ml.

every point about 10 grams of alcohol.A person with diabetes daily amount of not more than 1-2 standard.


commonly known as liquor."Compendium of materia medica" pointed out that "shochu, Yang poison, and fire." diabetes is Yin fire body more, unfavorable drink.

wine contains alcohol in the body can produce a lot of heat, alcohol can produce 7 calories per gram, diabetes is a bit lost control, it will cause deterioration.

patients using insulin to drink on an empty stomach can inhibiting glycogen yuan decomposition, cause hypoglycemia. long-term drinking can improve diabetes vascular stiffening agent the incidence of hypertension.

drinking can increase the burden of the liver, liver detoxification capacity of diabetes mellitus is poorer, drinking will aggravate the burden of liver injury.

| diabetes can also drink? Liquor? Beer?


due to their high beer heat, long-term drinking will cause the body fat accumulation, form a "beer belly", patients often accompanied by blood lipids, blood pressure increases.

in alcoholic drinks, beer alcohol content, at least 1000 ml of beer alcohol content of 50 ml of liquor alcohol content.

so many people make beer drink.But if the binge drinking, accumulate in the body of alcohol can damage the liver function, increase the burden of kidney, myocardial tissue also can appear fat cells infiltration, myocardial function abate, cause tachycardia.

too much liquid, make the blood circulation increases amount and aggravate heart burden, cause myocardial hypertrophy and ventricular volume expansion. diabetes if often drink beer, can cause loss of appetite, eat less, affect the calories in the diet control, is not conducive to control the disease.

the lack of nutrients and the influence of alcohol on nerve blood vessels, can accelerate diabetic peripheral nerve blood vessels and the occurrence of complications and development.

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