Authentic secret sauce beef


sauced beef is one of the authentic shandong non-vegetarian food cold dishes.Sauce beef raw material is very exquisite, the choice of should only use keys of meat cattle front legs.Taste the meat made goods can achieve the best.Some other parts of the meat taste bad, of course, also can do.authentic sauce wagyu beef practices

material: cattle foreleg shuttlecocks meat 1500 grams, 50 grams of onion, ginger 30 grams, 15 grams of salt, sugar, 10 g 30 grams, 30 grams of soy sauce, cooking wine, spices 15 grams, geranyl 4 pieces of 2 g 5 g, Chinese prickly ash, clove, fennel 3 g, 4 g dried tangerine or orange peel, liquorice, 5 g 5 g, cinnamon, star anise, 6 disc, water right amount.

authentic sauce wagyu beef practices

1, wash the beef, it along the body lines cut into large pieces of backup.

2, take a piece of clean gauze, cloves, peppercorns, star anise, dried tangerine or orange peel, fennel, cinnamon, bay leaves, licorice package in which made spice bag. Set aside.

3 large section, ginger, and the broken spare.

4 do, pot of water, 80 degrees into the beef after fire boil boil 1 minute and a half or so.

5, the beef from the boiling water pot then remove to plunge into cold water. Set aside.

6, do pot of water, boiled down to spice bag, sugar, spring Onions, ginger, soy sauce and spices.

7, to do open after boiled beef into the fire.

8, smaller fire will beef cooked remove spice bag after turn off the fire.

9, the beef and the rest of the broth into container put together to cool completely.

10, remove beef slices and serve.


1, beef, cook for 1 minute and a half or so with cold water immersion in order to make the beef, make the finished product is not easy to be chopped.

2, beef and to the rest of the broth into container stored in together, so that we can make the beef more flavor.


a Beijing famous sauce beef is authentic sauce wagyu beef practices

1. Material: after suitable use of beef, want to choose the front Inner Mongolia grass cattle at the age of 6, rib, abdomen, chest, tendon parts such as

the essence.These areas is characterized by thin tender fitting to see oil on both sides. After made sauce beef, fleshy, soft, oil and not greasy,

rich nutrition.

2. Material: cooking meat with accessories, tongrentang drugstore of choose and buy, or buy from origin of clove, sand benevolence, cardamom, angelica dahurica, high-quality spices such as cinnamon.These complementary makings after buying, according to certain proportion formula, and then add mayonnaise, salt, green Chinese onion and the bisk cooked.

3. The sauce ingredients: compound suitable on the strict technological process.First will wash fresh beef, cut into 1 kg heavier rectangle, then Mayo stir water into gruel, add salt, and Shiloh again, exclusion of sauce residue.Will complete herbal ingredients to grind into powder, into the seam in a bag of a good backup.

4. Tight flesh: "tight" meat before making sauce.Tight flesh is bring to a boil. The water will be chopped beef with sauce into the pot, cook for 2 hours, remove the meat, skim, called "meat".

5. Paste system, and then with beef bones bottom stacking the meat in the pot, put accessories bags, use an ferula and water pressure pot.With first cook for 1 hour, reoccupy soft fire boil, cook while the soup stock, this last 2 hours before out of the pot.When soft fire heat, at any time to check the fire hou, turn pot 2 times.Sauce made good beef to brush on a layer of liquid, after cooling is the finished product.

the characteristics: the oil moisten, brown red color, the meat is tender soft rotten, entrance mellow not greasy, rich full-bodied and long finish.Suitable for the elderly, babies and patient edible, is nourished the body of the market.Wine to accompany a meal, travel, family hospitality, all right, all is a rare delicacy.

homemade sauce beef: authentic sauce wagyu beef practices

material: front leg NiuJian son 1000 grams of condiments: cloves, peppercorns, star anise, dried tangerine or orange peel, fennel, cinnamon, bay leaves, licorice (a little) green Chinese onion section 3, a piece of ginger, 1 TBSP light soya sauce, 1 TBSP soya sauce, 1 TBSP sugar, 2 TBSP salt, five-spice powder, 1/2 TSP


1) front leg NiuJian wash, cut into 10 cm square block.Into the pot of water, heating after the fire, put beef in, slightly cooked in boiling water, remove and soak in cold water, tight to beef.

2) the cloves, peppercorns, star anise, dried tangerine or orange peel, fennel, liquorice in seasoning box (or homemade gauze wrap, cinnamon and bay leaf due may easily, also can be directly into the pot).Chop the spring onion three quarters.Rinse the ginger, taken with the sword.

3) by pouring water in the sand pot, the fire heating, ordinal put spices, Onions, ginger, soy sauce, sugar, spices.After boil add beef, continue to use for about 15 minutes, the fire into small fire cooked the meat.With a chopstick, smoothly through the can.Scoop out piece of beef, placed in ventilated, shady and cool place 2 hours or so.

4) will be cooling good beef, pour in a boiling soup simmer for half an hour.Simmer after filled out, cooled and slice thinly.Super bothersome:

* *, the cold water immersion method in the second step is critical, try not to omit, or cooked meat will be loose, very poor.

is placed in the third step of cooling method, if you think the time is too long, so long as the cool thoroughly, but this step is very important also oh ~ ~


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