He drank three catties liquor bladder is broken dinners dinner party more than you can go easy

the Chinese New Year is coming soon, dinner dinner party, sometimes to drink

drank three jin of liquor His bladder is broken

alcohol, you may have to go easy, hospital patients got drunk every night

guangxi news network - al-hayat contemporary news (reporter Liang Gan intern tooth love Jane) for 10 days, the Spring Festival and a round of meal dense, will drink, can drink can have to be careful.Recently, a 58-year-old man because drank three catties liquor, he suffered from prostatitis, drunken bladder rupture hemorrhage, almost dead.

green a 58, is from nanning.Recently, he and his friend in the evening dinner, drank three catties liquor after drunk, a friend sent him back to the home.Then he abdominal pain and progressive, nausea and vomiting, spit out for brown gastric contents.Then, green one for "ageratum upright liquid", but no improvement in symptoms, and disease progression, shit out, dysuria and less.Before, family hurriedly sent him to the guangxi national hospital.

"accepts when the patient pain, abdominal bulge, the entire abdomen tenderness, rebound tenderness."Guangxi national hospital emergency department physician Pan Guozhi said that patients with the disease is severe, after diagnosis, patients with bladder rupture of about 4 cm, bladder with blood clots.Subsequently, hospital emergency rescue mechanism, opened the green channel, after surgery, patients in stable condition.

green a drunken why can appear the symptom of such a serious?Said Pan Guozhi analysis, a 58 year-old male patient, as the growth of the age gradually appear hyperplasia of prostate, under the stimulation of alcohol, the sympathetic nervous excitement, vasodilation, prostate and drunken also blush as "red", edema, oppression urethra (department) of the prostate;Alcohol (ethanol) is fat soluble, can rapidly through the brain nerve cell membrane, acting on the membrane of certain enzymes which affects its function, make the cerebral cortex function is restrained.With the increase of blood alcohol concentration, and then affect the medulla oblongata and spinal cord, paralysis of the central nervous system.At the same time, ethanol, its metabolites acetaldehyde condensation with dopamine into endogenous opioid peptides in the body, directly or indirectly inhibitory effect on the central nervous system, make the patient oversleep, no bowel movements in time, leading to bladder rupture.

"a large number of drinking, lead to increase in the number of water body, kidney hard-working, flowing the urine in the bladder, prostate edema, will not let the urine flow through. If there is no timely surgery, consequence is unimaginable."Pan Guozhi reminds, alcohol do not drink, drink down, remember to hush.

is going to be the New Year, gathering dinner party, hospital patients who got drunk every night.Recently, the reporter from the national hospital of guangxi, the autonomous region people's hospital, rui kang affiliated hospital of guangxi medical university hospital emergency department learned that draw near every year the Spring Festival, the hospital accepts to patients with a lot of drunk, every night there are two or three cases.

warm reminder

drink these things, you should pay attention to the

the Chinese New Year is coming soon, drinking may sometimes hard to avoid.So, how to drink won't hurt the body?How can we care to get drunk?Yesterday, the reporter sought advice from the doctor on this issue.

guangxi national hospital emergency department physician Pan Guozhi said, drink, must be living within their means how much alcohol to drink how much, especially not to drink wine, don't drink, so as not to hurt the body.In general, it is suggested that to drink red wine, drink white wine, less about 3 two red wine, white wine, 122 more appropriate.Drink before you eat staple food, don't drink on an empty stomach, or it will cause gastrointestinal mucosa damage, at the same time, alcohol is more easily absorbed by the blood, it is easier to drunk.The height of the drink too much liquor, beer, will have for gastric mucosa damage, cause acute gastritis.

if drunk friends or family?Pan Guozhi gives the following Suggestions:

in the first place, can't let the drunken man alone alone, need to have a person accompany around you.If no one care, who might make something abruptly to drunk, will have more serious consequences, even an intoxicated person who commits will die choked on vomit.

second, drink more water to therapy, through the pee, the wine out, accelerate metabolism.

third, try to spit out wine, people can do to help on the way to pick my throat, try to put the alcohol out of the body.

4, don't to therapy with tea, honey water, vinegar, so counterproductive, because that aggravate viscera burden.If vomiting, coma, should go to a doctor immediately.

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