Pork on the table for thousands of years, no one knows will eat the dead.

the Chinese ate half pig in the world, because of the population?But since the ancient times of China will love to eat pork, because pork better breeding, meat is also not bad.Such a great consumption of pork, currently has caused some nutrition experts concern about people's health.

pork on the table for thousands of years, actually nobody knows will eat the dead!

pork on the table has one thousand

nationality has a long history of consumption of pork.China agricultural university college of animal science and technology, professor Wang Chuduan said that the Chinese civilization of five thousand years of history, also can saying is the history of human domesticated pigs, pork.According to records, as early as in the pre-qin period, China has a keeper "animals" tradition."Animals", in addition to the horse, cattle, sheep, pigs, dogs, chickens can be food on the table.

Wang Chuduan believes that modern dependence on pork, largely from the continuation of traditional culture.According to legend, for example, the song dynasty writer su dongpo set dongpo pork, has now become one of the classic zhejiang cuisine dishes.Gourmet yuan mei in qing dynasty by the garden food with form, especially pork single category, named "features", including 41 dish, far more than the cattle and sheep deer meat slaughter single "miscellaneous" 13.

when the entire society entered the era of material abundance, americans love of pork is still unabated.Wang Chuduan introduction, statistics show that in recent years, Chinese people consumption ChuQinRou, pork proportion has remained steady at around 65%.The United States department of agriculture has published reports of 2014 Chinese pork consumption is 57.169 million tons, accounting for 52% of the world;Per capita consumption of pork is 41.9 kg, 4.6 times that of the rest of the world average level.

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