Emerging tourism professional concern


- liu

under the background of era of mass tourism, has given rise to the tourism industry, tourism industry of many emerging profession, at the same time, also let us a bullish on the future prospects of tourism profession.

on the domestic market at present the emerging professional dining experience main division of tourism, tourist experience, the hotel part try to sleep, etc.These "look good" career in beer and skittles both meet the needs of their survival and life, but also for tourism development has played a positive role in promoting and pushing.According to the author, these professional in high demand for talent selection, should not only have professional quality, professional quality, and the ability in writing, photography, etc all have higher requirements.Such as the city to find the net for dining experience, professional knowledge, professional functions of job seekers have very strict requirements, fully competent annals.

one of the four big wets "" Hong Kong, there are iron chef" the laudatory name of Mr Chua lam is the dining experience of professional, well-known columnist shen hongfei often also guest dining experience.Has the dining enterprise's senior managers said, it is with the high standard, professional food evaluation, encouraging them to improve traditional cooking methods, eventually make dishes improvement, more satisfaction and in accordance with the public's taste.

dining experience, travel experience, the emergence of the emerging tourism profession such as hotel try sleeper is the inevitable outcome of the era of mass tourism tourism booming, embodies the market for tourism.Tourism is to achieve upgrading, from the previous focus on population to improve the development to the quality strives for the survival and development through characteristic, in order to meet more and more pay attention to the quality of products the market and consumers increasing demands of tourism products.Domestic well-known online business where to network issued the recruitment this year a large number of hotel information in sleep, to come to the applicant, position in short supply.And where to network, said will continue to increase the number of recruitment, in order to improve myself in the field of hotel management, so as to enhance enterprise core competitiveness.

these emerging tourism profession does not necessarily apply to each tourist service enterprises.As the tourism enterprises, should be fully weigh their own actual situation, out of a suitable for their own road to innovation and development.Hired a lot of the world's top restaurant Michelin dining experience, its recruitment channels is very regular, the culture grade of the applicant, gourmet appreciation abilities have proposed many different requirements.Precisely because of these dining experience an emotional involvement, carefully taste every meal, earnestly to grasp food and culture of every detail, to Michelin "no best, only better", firmly held in the restaurant.At the same time, the hotel industry in the actuality, part is not to try to sleep.Such as standardized services such as home inns, jinjiang star, the Hilton Hotel chain, the need for sleep member is relatively small.Because these through standardized service hotel chains in the aspect of hardware basically around the difference is not big.

of course, because of the tourism industry is a typical service industry, to judge the size of the value standard, not only depends on the hardware, is more of a software.The author thinks that, even if the standardized service chains smaller demand for emerging tourism profession, will also be necessary to set up matching positions, so as to achieve the purpose of improving management and improve service.

many professions emerging profession is the tourism industry of tourism, industry, post emerging things, should encourage its development, but is unlikely to become the mainstream of keep pace with the traditional tourism profession, but as the beneficial supplement of traditional tourism professional.Emerging tourism vocational embodies the era of mass tourism people the pursuit of quality of tourism, is the manifestation of tourism level, level.

at the moment, whether it's teacher, hotel dining experience, tourism experience try to sleep, or travel consultant, senior consultant, etc, reflects the distinct characteristics of The Times.On the one hand, these emerging professional requirements for job seekers is very high, in addition to professional quality, ability, the spread of new media, capacity requirements are particularly high.For tourism enterprises, its essence is to market a timeless jinbei silver cup as the citizens of the word of mouth "marketing propagation law applied to specific tourism marketing practice.But under the background of "Internet +", the marketing skills and has obvious trend towards OAO mode.So, not every tourism practitioners can undertake this task.The market demand for the professional demand of tourism, also just points., on the other hand, the traditional tourism profession are still major share of the market this big cake, no matter from employment for ordinary people, or from the sustainable development of tourism, traditional and modern combination of our tourism is the most correct choice.

horn is blowing of the era of mass tourism, as tourism management graduates who are interested in tourism and friend to do?The author thinks that, first, to change ideas.Society has been discrimination against tourism profession is the bottleneck of tourism fast development.We should correctly realize the "career is no high and low points, only the different social division of labor", the key is your own aspirations, interests and potential.Don't need too much to pursue the mainstream view of the society, and should make the most suitable for their choice.Second, echocardiography action.Both hotels and travel agencies and other tourism enterprises without a few years, even decades of experience do not to come out.Therefore, once made the right choice, you should stick it out.Regularly job-hopping, with no any benefit for their own career planning.Third, with the travel company, "this life with you", realize their life values.Tourism industry needs talents, talents also needs to tourism, tourism practitioners to achieve your goals, maximize the value of your own life, will be "by brigade to swim, and tour company, together with swimming this lifetime", so, don't let you choose the purpose of the tourism industry.

because of its own characteristics of tourism and social at present there are still not correct the traditional concept of "tourism is eat rice youth", etc., in this the author calls for a national tourism should be at the policy level to give more support and make it better and faster development, for our country to adjust economic structure, promoting economic transformation and upgrading, so that more benign and healthy development of our country economy to make irreplaceable contributions.At the same time, the media should intensify propaganda, in the whole society to advocate the correct concept of choosing a career, health, civilization, increase tourism promotion, thus changing not correct the traditional employment idea, make more interested in tourism able person engaged in tourism this sunrise industry, realize their life values.

era of mass tourism has given rise to the emerging tourism profession, emerging tourism profession should jointly with the traditional tourism vocational development and as a useful supplement, the country, the society should enhance the support for tourism, tourism practitioners will have a more brilliant tomorrow.

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