This year the Shanghai tourism festival originally so tasty

according to tour in Shanghai, Shanghai tourism festival was held in 2016, the city's districts have greatly small launch fit-out activities, in addition to performance, display and other activities, food has been the subject of tourism festivals indispensable.In addition to have held the 2016 jing 'an the world coffee culture festival, fourth session of jing 'an international sparkling wine festival, yun tang, Mid-Autumn festival is on the unionpay Shanghai tourism food festival and so on, and what food activities do not miss?

1, the Shanghai tourism characteristics food selection

location: Shanghai, tourist souvenirs show center

Shanghai tourism food selection aims to promote the development of the tourism industry, to create "Shanghai business card", let the tourists from home and abroad to Shanghai to buy on behalf of Shanghai regional culture and heritage, Shanghai style food.As of April 2016, there have been 138 gained the title of Shanghai special tourism food products, including has aroused many childhood memories of white rabbit creamy candy, mylikes, 80 - year - old international hotel butterfly cake, caused the people to line up the fresh cakes...I don't know what good this year will be selected?

Shanghai tourism festival this year originally so delicious

2, jinshan seafood festival

location: jin-shanzui fishing village

just argyle jin-shanzui fishing village "fish flavor infinite", you can night pillow fishermen's characteristics in fishing village home stay facility, and preferential;Can participate in fishing night spirit's eye - fishing village night photography competition;Must go gourmet fish, fish seafood feast;Late and yu singing, rich and interesting fish folk literature and art joint performance for you.The most important thing is you must like fishing, warm meaning - fishing village merchants offer big send out!

Shanghai tourism festival this year originally so delicious

3, the 18th annual pudong oktoberfest in Munich

location: Shanghai pudong holiday inn

the same as the local beer festival held in Munich, east plaza hotel will set up a tent can accommodate 1200 guests, and matches by traditional Bavarian, pure folk customs.More in the form of the buffet offers guests authentic Bavarian cuisine and unlimited beer and soft drinks;"Arriving from Munich, the Bavarian party band" will use a dynamic dance music in the music and passion to the guests offer a and a memorable night.

Shanghai tourism festival this year originally so delicious

4, Shanghai yuyuan (600655, shares) of intangible heritage and classic brand culture exhibition

location: Shanghai yuyuan central plaza,

Shanghai yuyuan brings together 15 finalists brand and 13 of intangible heritage, as the old hotel, gate gourmet brands such as jstars appear one by one.Here you can find: a one-time nanxiang steamed bun shop, dinan jstars gate, yu garden cream sugar, spiced bean old the city god temple, lake teahouse and so on a number of old food.

Shanghai tourism festival this year originally so delicious

5, the Yangtze river Germany beer festival

location: Renaissance Yangtze hotel, 2099 yan an

beer fresh air from Bavaria - the world's oldest beer in real estate, only beer (Weihenstephan).Coburg sausages and gold pig elbow is obviously, golden yellow skin crisp sticky sweet, delicious.With German type of bread, but also more German?Same as the local beer festival held in Munich, the hotel set up tent, with the traditional Bavarian, pure folk customs.With warm beer festival princess dancing together, enjoy the summer!Very popular with guests "band" in Munich will also give a wonderful performance.Finally, don't miss out on winning the award for "best dressed" with surprise.

6, hongqiao international music festival of heaven and earth

location: hongqiao heaven and earth Salt road 33 rainbow

official certification will be Michelin star restaurant with star chef personally do cooking platform.It is worth mentioning that the food festival invited to chef has high levels of appearance.Here, therefore, not only can you taste the delicious food, can also appreciate the chefs cook when handsome figure!

Shanghai tourism festival this year originally so delicious

7, nanxiang cage culture exhibition

location: nanxiang old street, guyi garden

this year advocate hit "intangible nanxiang" theme, set up five chapters, 15 child activities.Nanxiang old street, 28 republican street (mingshi house) will be held in nanxiang steamed culture exhibition 10 years retrospective, September 28 (opening day) 11-15:00 in nanxiang held street people's street thousand banquet table of ten thousand small cage, nanxiang town each small steamed pavilion will undertake the 4th "nanxiang four small cage" campaign, in addition to traditional temple fair, the craft show week activities.

Shanghai tourism festival this year originally so delicious

8, light vegetable section

location: city garden scenic spot Fengxian bay zhenhai hing road 888, lane 1

you in addition to mosey, view in various pavilions, watch to see not seen strange height different fruit, of course, can also be with his family, to participate in garden enjoy food, eat fruits and vegetables, and picked the recognition and other leisure activities.

9, chongming autumn festival

time: October and November

location: chongming area

chongming dishes of raw materials is very fresh, very ecology.On the front courtyard after pick some fruit and vegetable, geo-thermal add two fire, three times five divided by two, a table for fresh farm-style is ready.In autumn, chongming orange also heavy hang branches, waiting for the taste.In addition to crops and fruits, there are various kinds of water.Chongming terrain is three huanjiang, linhai.Tree, Jiang Xian, seafood, enough you choose.Bad cook fish, whose Pang Qi small white shrimp, braise in soy sauce madtoms, water, delicious.

Shanghai tourism festival this year originally so delicious

10, 2016, Shanghai west bank water yet section

location: xuhui district west bank Long Lanlu green

note: need to buy tickets

with "lohas culture" as the theme, France, Italy and Belgium's renowned Michelin chef, and professional elegant personality Michelin restaurants meticulously at the scene, provide special limited meal.In addition to the on-site restaurant experience, have more delivery sheet is tasted.

set up method of southern food, Italian food is pavilion, pavilion to Swiss food was pavilion, Japanese food is hall, the Belgian food was pavilion and rv leisure experience area and other leisure food, and introduced the domestic high-end restaurants, such as da dong, Wang Jie private kitchens and all kinds of popular street network red food, another long and 30 meters of the barbecue zone.

Shanghai tourism festival this year originally so delicious

11, gu cun park autumn garden party

location: gu cun gu cun park baoshan district Shanghai too road 4788

autumn garden party main three topics: wen xiang GuiJi, leisure, wine tasting dreamland art festival.Campus will bring the cheerful songs and dances and folk customs of Bavaria, visitors can enjoy the pure German beer, enjoying the wide variety of flavors.

Shanghai tourism festival this year originally so delicious

section 12, 2016 hippos live

location: Shanghai world expo park, the expo stage

swathes of exclusive annual holiday, "hippos live festival" will keep up!More than 10 countries and 5 continents galleries and 2000 + kinds of food and drink, three stage classroom, 60 games interactive programs, 20 square meters is your "hi"!

Shanghai tourism festival this year originally so delicious

13, dishui lake food festival

location: lingang dishui lake

special zhejiang xi shi hometown weeks old han xi shi reunion bread feast, yunnan flowers, flowers, Inner Mongolia roast whole cattle, shanxi a root surface, shaanxi meat clip buns, wuhan three fresh bean skin, old Beijing roast duck, Beijing rock candy hu reed, tianjin goubuli Fried dough twist, the qing dynasty balls in guizhou, shandong, tianjin large pancakes, hebei donkey fire, etc.Many Taiwanese night market snacks will enter, oyster omelet, e. small intestine, causeway, spiced meat rolls, intestine, etc.The dishui lake food festival scale beyond the past, don't get out of Shanghai citizens can taste various delicacies.

Shanghai tourism festival this year originally so delicious

14, food is qingpu

the foot of zhujiajiao Ann hotel will hand in hand to pick up food, solstice on September 28 October 15 open a Chinese cuisine tour.On September 21 solstice on October 6, a "Brazilian food festival" will be shown at crowne plaza Shanghai Xia Yanghu hot.Red chamber cuisine will be held in the Shanghai grand view garden is still.

15, minhang district food series of theme activities

Shanghai tourism festival this year originally so delicious

16 hongkou district food series of theme activities

September 1 - October 31, one abundance in sichuan north road no. 1363 square around the special collection classic gourmet food brochures, consumers but by brochure dining coupons in the corresponding merchants for unlimited wonderful dining experience.September 9 - October 9, is located in a fair way of 36 star le remit launched more than 20 businesses within the mall together street food festival activities, will allow visitors to get a good view of the huangpu river scenery at the same time, enjoy the finest cuisine, taste of food.

Shanghai tourism festival this year originally so delicious

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