Hainan cuisine culture festival site popularity now Tipping swathes carnival feast

hainan food culture festival site popularity now Detonate swathes party

diners sharing qionghai of ice.Hainan daily Zhang Jieshe

hainan food culture festival site popularity now Detonation swathes party

food stalls packed before.Hainan daily Zhang Jieshe

on September 10, 2016 of eight cities and counties in hundreds of delicious hainan food culture festival into the next day.Because during the weekend, came to the site visit, tasting, are significantly more than the first day.Many people said that food culture festival is very meaningful, many varieties, taste good, satisfy the taste buds also harvest joy, come to the meeting just don't want to go.

cities and counties in exhibition delicacy gathered

come to food festival site, the most important of course, was let go belly, swimming in food.Into the qionghai galleries, as if into the snack food paradise.First come a flavour of Fried ice, when the ice with soft continous silk into the throat, the cool and refreshing and sweet must make you smile."Business is very good today, more people over the weekend, the weather was so hot, it's only open half an hour, has sold more than 50 bowl of ice and especially like to eat children."Qionghai wheat down sweetmeats employees jing wang told reporters.Want to eat the fruit of the most unique snack?Then a prestigious mango rice rolls, when the tender sheet jelly in natural delicious mango flesh, the taste of the rich wonderful it let you cry laugh.

in high velocity area, roast Suckling pig, leek pie attracts many version.Because it is free, the end of the day, the basic it is full of the Suckling pig stand, "it's too hot! This two days to sell a lot!"Responsible for sales of XinGuiFang tells a reporter, opening day they have to supply the 3 Suckling pig head, I didn't expect the next day is more popular, "just one morning, we have to supply the 6 head, and sent back to replenishment now, a lot of people waiting in the taste of our high Suckling pig!"Citizens here, Mr. Chen take just out of the pot leek pie, can't wait to bite, he said: "too good, very authentic, leek pie is the taste of home. Leek pie in high velocity also called 'neck stare blankly, remember when I was a kid, can eat five cents for' neck stare blankly, that is very exciting, hot leek pie holding in his hand, sometimes at the roadside stall to eat, sometimes climb up the tree to sit, a small mouth, a small mouth to eat, eat full stay joss-stick, wanting more."

in BaoTing pavilion, honey copra, coconut oil, etc. Product characteristics is also in short supply, "just try the coconut oil, special fragrance, edible, can also skin care, beauty to raise colour, and soften blood vessels, good to the body, are going to buy some back to home elders."In coconut virgin coconut oil before stall of ze fang, ms wu from chengdu to hainan tourism one-time bought 10 virgin coconut oil, "just tasted the rica specialty coconut honey fries, is also very good, very sweet, also with the scent of coconut, is not the same as before eating copra taste, ready to buy some back as a specialty to friends."

moon cakes exhibition sales

the Mid-Autumn festival, the festival of moon cake sales and popularity.Hainan longquan group co., LTD., scene told reporters that the longquan brought 10 exquisite moon cake."We each brought in 5 cases, about 15 of each box, box, activities at noon the next day, the moon cakes have sold half!"This year, in addition to the traditional seven star moon cakes sell well, the new longquan Joan coconut moon cake sales is also very grab an eye."This kind of moon cakes in our sales network electric business platform of longquan is also great, especially the mainlanders like!"

the head, said: "this is a trend, is also a hainan food influence gradually expanded, we hope that the future more return home, to hainan food to the country and around the world."(reporter Ye Yuanyuan Guo extraction)

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