8 cities and counties in hainan haikou cuisine festival opening more than 100 enterprises food exhibition

2016 food cultural festival opened yesterday in haikou, hainan 8 cities and counties of more than 100 enterprises food exhibition

hundreds of hainan food feast to

- trainee journalist Guo Chang

a gluttonous feast of hainan cuisine in haikou house square opening this morning, hundreds of hainan the cuisine together hereat, to have a feast to hainan food culture.

9, feed by the provincial department of commerce, provincial food and drug administration support, the host of the 2016 hainan hainan daily newspaper group festival grand opening in haikou house square, haikou, danzhou, lingshui, qionghai, anding, high velocity, QiongZhong, BaoTing 8 cities and counties, more than 100 food companies gathered in this, the citizens never leave home can enjoy the cuisine in hainan, enjoy the beauty of hainan diet.

province hotel and catering industry association ZhaiPeiJi speech at the opening ceremony, said: "through food culture festival of hainan province, mining, and integrating the resource of the cuisine and show the food culture in hainan, build hainan food heaven, which helps to expand the influence of hainan food culture, to boost global tourism demonstration hainan province construction and enrich the connotation of hainan international tourism island has positive significance."

this morning, the activity has not yet started, many citizens came to the scene to visit early, some cities and counties have started to show a variety of snacks, famous recommended, public interest, in to see them all at the same time, the bursting buds, enjoy.Danzhou pavilion dacheng jing pomelo, qionghai pavilion gossip chicken excrement cane, bamboo sweat QiongZhong hall of raccoon dog, high in the pavilion of roast Suckling pig delicacies are citizens.

"the food festival at the 'hainan island food as the carrier, the depth of mining, and demonstrate hainan food resources, found that hainan characteristics snacks, to nurture and build hainan food brand, promote hainan food culture, to build hainan' global travel + food new development model. In the future will be to make its brand new exhibition activities, all show the unique food culture in our province glamour."Hainan daily WengChaoJian vice President, hainan daily newspaper group general manager said.

hainan provincial department of commerce trade LiuTongChu, deputy director of li said: "by showing the hainan food culture festival food resources, food, snacks to various cities and counties and the enterprise, promote the brand catering in hainan, hainan features excellent ingredients, food culture, etc., for hainan catering industry development will have a very good publicity and promote role."

2016 hainan food culture festival is the high level, a rich and influential diet culture festival, adhering to the principle of high starting point, high grade, high quality, promote the development of national food industry.

the event information will be released in the mainstream media in hainan hainan food culture festival, hainan daily newspaper group each big media will expand the entire tracking, propaganda strength, expand the influence, and integrate other media resources in the province for full cover type propaganda, through digging and integrating the resource of the cuisine and centrally show, innovation "show + + campaign" mode, stimulate and arouse the enthusiasm of each respect, to the country to promote hainan's unique cuisine.

according to organizers, in addition to hundreds of waiting for you to taste the delicious food festival, the scene and excellent performances of performing activities will be presented to the public.9 and 10 every night, food festival will also bring a music feast for citizens, at the appointed time will be able to enjoy the local famous band, domestic well-known singers, such as campus singers bring performance.

after the food festival, will also hold food selection in hainan, hainan food culture development seminar.(this newspaper haikou on September 9)

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