Hainan haikou cuisine festival opening Blossom food culture charm

hainan haikou cuisine festival opening

hainan haikou cuisine festival opening Blossom food culture charm

food culture festival jollification at the scene.

hainan daily dispatch of haikou on September 9 (trainee journalist Guo Chang) support feed by the provincial department of commerce, provincial food and drug administration, the host of the 2016 hainan hainan daily newspaper group food culture festival grand opening in haikou city house square this morning.From haikou, danzhou, qionghai, high velocity, anding, lingshui, BaoTing, QiongZhong and other cities and counties of more than 100 food companies that food within, to bloom hainan food culture charm.

a three-day hainan food cultural festival, will be shown through food expo, characteristics snacks, a variety of forms such as food culture seminar, mining, and demonstrate hainan food resources.Danzhou m rotten, qionghai clear cool, anding zongzi, lingshui acid powder, QiongZhong bamboo rice, distinctive of famous snacks and dishes in hainan food expo area one by one.In addition, the local big food companies such as longquan group, coconut palm group also positively participation, to enhance food brand influence.

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