2016 hainan food culture festival opening hundreds of the food to the feast

2016 hainan food culture festival opening hundreds of food to feast

2016 hainan food culture festival opening, hainan food guide visitors.

2016 hainan food culture festival opening hundreds of food to feast

high Suckling pig let people praised in the delicious.

2016 hainan food culture festival opening hundreds of food to feast

made of chicken excrement cane food attract people stop taking photos.

2016 hainan food culture festival opening hundreds of food to feast

"invite you to drink a cup of shanlan wine"

a gluttonous feast of hainan food 9 the feast in haikou house square, eight cities and counties, more than 100 food companies with hundreds of different cuisines from hainan, citizens "wen xiang and", to 2016 hainan food culture festival.

on September 9 to 11, 2016 in hainan food cultural festival, qionghai clear fill cold, danzhou m rotten, lingshui acid powder, anding zongzi, QiongZhong, Mrs, white chicken, such as a distinctive hainan famous snacks and dishes will gather in haikou.Haikou, danzhou, lingshui, qionghai, anding, high velocity, QiongZhong, BaoTing eight cities and counties cuisine, citizens can omni-directional, zero distance contact hainan cuisine and culture.

it is understood that the food festival at the "hainan island food" as the carrier, through food expo, characteristics snacks, moon cake display a variety of forms such as exhibition, seminar on food culture, mining depth and demonstrate hainan food resources, found that hainan characteristics snacks, to nurture and build hainan food brand, promote hainan food culture, to build hainan "global travel + food" new development model.

food festival, on both the local big food companies such as longquan group, coconut palm group, there is no lack of again in danzhou "top ten famous" "top ten snack", qionghai all kinds of snacks, QiongZhong high in the original ecological food, seafood dishes, lingshui local snacks such as exhibition, and danzhou original five-color see food, wheat down sweetmeats, taste sweet cake factory and the growing popularity of well-known businesses.In addition, in the field, all kinds of delicacies, hainan specialties, such as the Mid-Autumn festival gift for citizens to buy food variety, many exhibition brand.

in recent years, various cities and counties in hainan business departments to actively develop local food culture, through the policy, established association, food court, to carry out the famous dishes, famous point, famous snacks, selection, restaurant famous restaurant chains, unified snacks certification logos, as well as FengQingJie and food festivals, tourism festival activities, which are held to further develop and promote the rich food culture resources, make food brand, to participate in the size of the food festival over the island to lay the solid foundation.

activities, all cities and counties in business departments actively guide local food enterprises to actively promote outside the island market through food festival exhibition channels, for the enterprise to create more opportunities for purchasing negotiation, looking for a new customer source of food brand cooperation, in order to further increase the intensity of food brand promotion, improve the domestic enterprises in the wider market building reputation and customer recognition.

it is understood that the hainan food culture festival will offer food, catering enterprises in the province to build integration and docking platform, to the top level of the consumer food catering industry, driving the development of commercial circulation enterprises, food catering enterprises, expanding consumer supply.At the same time, the food festival through a series of cultural and recreational activities, can have the dining experience is blended in among them, really achieve "universal participation, the interaction, and all the people enjoy the best effect.

on September 9, 10, 11 daily theme performances, performances include lion dance dragon, catwalk shows, the K song, classical dance and other programs, at the same time, the event has arranged many interactive link, citizens can live singing on stage.9 and 10 night, food festival will also bring a music feast for citizens, the local famous orchestra dad tea, gold island band, domestic well-known singers, such as campus singers will lead to performance.

after the activity, will also be held to hainan food selection, food culture development seminars and other activities, in order to extend and expand the social impact of food festival.

the activity of the food drug administration support, business hall, the province of hainan province hainan daily newspaper group.

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