Today's haikou hainan food festival opening: 16 enterprises to participate in zhuhai

according to "danzhou today" September 9, "Mid-Autumn festival, taste food hainan" as the theme of the 2016 hainan food cultural festival held in haikou house square, 16 enterprises to participate in our city organization, all show the charm of culture dishes.

according to introducing, this festival will be shown through food expo, characteristics snacks, food culture, a variety of forms, such as mining, and demonstrate hainan food resources, found that hainan characteristics snacks, to nurture and build hainan food brand, promote hainan food culture, to build hainan "global travel + food" new development model.At the appointed time, the site will also carry out a variety of rich and colorful cultural activities, build rich food festival atmosphere for citizens, with a unique culinary feast.

during the activity, 16 companies in zhuhai will launch in danzhou series rice dumplings, danzhou characteristics snacks, such as food display, as well as in danzhou red fish, danzhou run sea duck eggs and so on nine big agricultural products sales activities, all-round display in danzhou unique food culture charm, danzhou catering enterprises brand and image of the industry.

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