About!9, hainan cuisine culture festival opened in haikou house square

about! In haikou hainan food culture festival 9 house square opening

9, 2016, hainan cuisine culture festival in haikou house square open

about: enjoy island food enjoy performances

hainan daily Guo Chang

"open your taste buds, enjoy the island food".On September 9 to 11, the three-day 2016 food culture festival will be held in haikou in hainan house square off flavour is open, the event to "hainan island food" as the carrier, through food expo, characteristics snacks, display a variety of forms such as food culture seminar, depth excavation and demonstrate hainan food resources, found that hainan characteristics snacks, nurture and build hainan food brand, promote hainan food culture, to build hainan "global travel + food" new development model.

near the Mid-Autumn festival, to carry forward the traditional festival culture, the food festival will be "taste the Mid-Autumn festival, hainan food" as the theme, food series campaign, hainan food expo and the midautumn festival moon cake sales, for business and leisure guests and visitors at home and abroad to create a rich atmosphere of food consumption, and hainan catering enterprises brand and more complete vivid image of the industry.

hainan food culture festival is like a map of food, can't let you can appreciate food exhibition area, li miao flavor from tropical rain forests, grain dessert, selenium-rich food staple food, the original ecological health game, etc., with one thousand years may wrinkle the sensibility, attract diners from afar.

in hainan food during the festival, every day there are different recreational program performance, and red envelopes, treasure hunt, and other interactive activities, by local artists, the band's concert, content splendid worth waiting for.(this newspaper on September 6th in haikou)

about! In haikou hainan food culture festival 9 house square opening

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