Hainan cuisine culture festival will be held in haikou

this newspaper haikou on August 29 (reporter guo extraction) meet haikou, taste delicious food.On September 9 to 11, feed by the provincial department of commerce, provincial food and drug administration support, the host of the 2016 hainan hainan daily newspaper group food culture festival will be held in haikou house square.The food festival "Mid-Autumn festival Food in hainan "as the theme, will hold a food culture festival opening ceremony, a food fair, fair of moon cakes, food campaign, hainan food culture development seminars and other activities.Among them, the food expo set the cities and counties MeiShiZhan which galleries, snack specialty exhibition galleries, food enterprises, "the Mid-Autumn festival moon cakes fairs" display exhibition hainan famous moon cakes.

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