Sister city of merida FengQingJie open to rong's 2016 chengdu, Mexico

west China metropolis daily news (the client Reporter Liu Qiufeng) a group of Mexican handsome boy beauty, and Mexican food, pure culture airborne to chengdu.On July 28, west China metropolis daily reporter learns from the foreign affairs and overseas Chinese affairs office of chengdu, the chengdu 2016 Mexican FengQingJie -- -- chengdu merida seder "was held in the east suburb of chengdu memory.Then Mexico roadshow activities will be held in chengdu, show Mexico's history and culture, cultural customs, food, beautiful scenery.

sister city of merida to rong's 2016 chengdu, Mexico FengQingJie open

the 19-year-old Mexican chefs havel said, this time he brought the three traditional Mexican dish.The mexicans also is not spicy.He has been to chengdu 3 days, try to eat a lot of sichuan cuisine, favorite shuangliu rabbit head.For sichuan pepper, he felt different from Mexico, sichuan spicy hot all the way to the stomach.

sister city of merida to rong's $2016 in chengdu, Mexico FengQingJie open

chengdu international sister merida in Mexico City vice mayor Victor Lozano (Victor Lozano) the scene, said he hopes to deepen cooperation with merida, chengdu project including the exchange of students.At the same time, the home of merida plan at the local culture, specifically for chengdu sands culture exhibition.

the seder is a rich western sichuan style "will" as the form, "Mexico and chengdu customs characteristic" to let the family dinner, all the enthusiastic exotic dance troupes in Mexico is brought.Collision is dancing on the podium communication, the audience is more of a food festival.Seder field shows the name of the chengdu snacks and Mexican cuisine, showing two city colorful food culture between the two countries.

notable is, the city of merida mayor Mauricio, bela (Mauricio Vila) from across the Pacific's greeting.Hope to take this opportunity to the two cities to further expand the two cities in culture, tourism, trade, education and other exchanges and cooperation in many areas, and I believe in friendship has been a steady development under the background of the ink, the two cities will be looking for more cooperation opportunities, continue to deepen friendly exchanges and achieve mutual benefit and win-win.

sister city of merida to rong's 2016 chengdu, Mexico FengQingJie open

"2016 chengdu, Mexican FengQingJie" into "chengdu merida dinner" and the roadshow in Mexico.Mexico roadshow hold time is July 29-31, location, east memory cinema (the former years gallery on the first floor) on the ground floor.Through the sands and the mayan exhibition, chengdu and merida clothing show, Mexican dance, Mexican food, interactive experience, food show Mexico's history and culture, cultural relics, beautiful scenery.

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