The delicious noodles were a cat, a food and there is always a ge you paralysis can heal you!

say bubble surface, some funny, like day and level, restrict killer, but there are sweet and cure.Today will go with diablo iii you have a look at what healing of instant noodles were works!

"cat" rickets

every time I see stray cats will to lift a hand.- dead cat slave god king once said with friends.

don't have any curtains.- god stick your friend replied.

actually for a cat slave, although every time I see, wish the stray cats have a home, but if temporarily unable to go to a cat is a kind of irresponsible behavior.Cat, author of rickets and rickets was good, see the stray kittens will pick up home, and then to help it to recruit people to adopt, and some of the cat was the author left their pets.

because the author worry about no one to buy, so I bought the も ん さ ん

abandoned ポ child

under the author's care finally turned into a health lovely meow

ぼ ん sauce to indescribable expression hollowed... the feeling was _ (: з ゝ <) _ 】

by the tender care ポ son "agghh ahhh good warm!!!!!"

by the author to pick up home in five meow "ideal cat slave..."

uncle cat slave and cat between daily life...

type style, easy to plot, there are a lot of cats with different personality, is definitely a cure for the exhaustion of a day before sleep!"But then why shovel excrement officer can direct dialogue with...... 】

is not just looking at the cat grew up a little, in fact every cat slave himself constantly change, grow up day after day.So that accompany each other days will have to leave one day, but it is also a kind of beautiful, isn't it?

"why cats don't come,"

have long seen the instant noodles, in a recent live-action movie out after I have to go back to it again.

boxer men stay in the cartoonist's brother home, one day, my brother brought two abandoned kittens to his care, from then on don't know anything about the cat's men took to the cat slave no return...【 help frontal 】

hear want oneself to take care of the work is responsible for a cat when men inner collapse...【 so lovely cat I want to keep it

(╯ ‵ - '╯ ︵ ┻ ━ ┻ 】

if a deep feeling can't describe very well, often with a word: fetter.Between people and animals, in particular, our feelings can be used for their articles, with poetry, using language, behavior, with many, many ways to express, but they are for our feelings and emotions but can't say to us, so don't call it love or like, or the word the best.

when men can't continue to complete the dream of its own boxer, brother also out of town to make men tough in the economy, but the feelings between people and cats gradually deep.

the story of a temperature is don't need too much, because the readers and viewers can naturally feel it.Maybe you will like me, was black and blue of the men on the way home to see two cats waiting for your picture touched, also will see the men of the most difficult time is there a cat that can legitimately smile accompany in side.

"lazy balls (ぐ で た ま)"

if I say I can't stand temper, must be lazy cancer...

dead line is the first productive force!- stick your motto of god...

lazy balls, although this is healing but absolutely toxic animation, read is really just want to ge you) = =

the weather is so hot, so want to collapsed

the rain outside so big, so just collapsed

even if is to see the ones until the end of the dance, or just collapsed with...

well, work and work is always done, anyhow godlike jun often here in this state......

"and GeZi wine"

said to cure...No matter spring, summer, autumn and winter, for a house, eat sleep WiFi air conditioning it is just a dream life!

surely like gourmet's many students who went to see the July already.?Have to feel the beauty of clothing and food match for you?!

ahem, god stick is no pursuit for blasting clothes, so I'll introduce a noodles food - and GeZi wine.

she as an office worker, a person to the small restaurant after work order dinner [sounds was actually a bit lonely, but have the delicious food is also a kind of meet ah o  ̄ (* ︶  ̄ *) o 】

this sentence is said to the god of the stick king heart...Although say with a lot of secondary to lose weight, eat fat is not good, although know night although know chicken will get fat...But!!!Is!!!In order to reward their stomach these again calculate what?

dinner is to cure his day's work tired!

"burned bread"

from a high quality of set limit to red bean bread to accidentally the scorched and cannot sell.

!Bread of life has ended!Although such regrets the protagonist sear bread, but bread stick you think god clearly sear better...

when bread also can have abandon

there are make progress when

always in the same boat when friends

there are want to go the distance

have got drunk together [but why bread milk drunk! (╯ ‵ - '╯ ︵ ┻ ━ ┻ 】

there will be very soft inside the

and bread are the same in life, there will always be things you cannot control the doomed, but try to live happily every day is enough, isn't it?

that's godlike jun today bring you recommend ~

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