Food | to travel to South Korea food not to be missed

attention play food with you Dally with food ~

as we all know, Korean food is around the roast meat, pickled vegetables, cold noodles, stone bowl of rice, miso soup, Fried chicken, beer, and so on, here recommend today cannot miss some to travel to South Korea food ~

hong big spicy roast small octopus

food | to travel to South Korea can't miss

food heaven, no doubt is at large, as a qualified version, absolutely cannot miss this store, not only look good, taste is also of great!Price is also pretty populist, spicy roast small octopus each person 11000 won, generally three of us two.

small octopus is divided into hot and hot, general is not very can eat spicy people ordinary hot is enough.If you want to challenge can be spicy, but for people who can't eat spicy, the extent of the basic is to spray fire!

address: Seoul city MaPu area cc little tunnel 369-4 hony road 3 street 44

metro line 2, 9 big entrance station exit

well hidden market (Gwangjang)

food | to travel to South Korea can't miss

there should be traditional snacks, souvenir shopping centers, highly recommended, plus a fire before the program "running brothers" presence, which is more famous.

traditional markets in Seoul's history is very long, maybe more than a long tradition of market here more than one, but one of the best traditional snacks also here, like to eat Korean street food, then come here, here is the ancestor of Korean street food, all of the snacks are all gathered here, like spicy chicken, Fried chicken, stir beef, rice bowel, pancakes, etc can be found here, it is highly recommended in rice, boarding potion, laver and mung bean pancake!

address: city of Seoul special clock zone chang city palace road 88

take metro line no. 2, 5 to 4 b branch street station, export the outbound through 4 100 m walk from

TWOTWO Fried chicken shop (Ming hole)

food | to travel to South Korea can't miss

TWOTWO Fried chicken is the national chain, there are many kinds of flavors to choose from, Fried chicken and fresh, component is dye-in-the-wood.We ordered a taste Fried chicken and not well-known beer.The inside of the outer layers of the Fried chicken Fried very crisp, chicken XiangNen in particular, is really crisp outside and soft inside, good retained the original chicken, plus a special seasoning sauce, taste sweet, very delicious, eat more also won't very greasy feeling.

address: special south cave 2 street downtown Seoul 10-1

the subway line 4 Ming hole export station 3, 2 minutes walk, near the Pacific hotel

spring sichuan spicy Fried chicken (Yugane)

food | to travel to South Korea can't miss

every book establishes the strategy will be recommended to Seoul, also is the only one really strategy on a pit dad really good shop.Spicy Fried chicken and cheese is very great, the chicken is tender, and cheese is a piece of my heart, cakes, soft and play one of two completely enough for two people, all need not you begin, good store little elder brother will help you to fry, tell you when to eat, how to eat cheese, almost can eat to hold more than one hundred yuan.

address: Seoul Seoul city west front area of sichuan hole 57-8

metro line 2 saemaul undong stand 2 export, go straight ahead about 2-3 minutes

black 'Smith (new sand hole)

food | to travel to South Korea can't miss

is a western song seung heon accidentally let casual dining, baked pizza is to use a big stove, soft thin, especially cranberry almonds, super delicious.Fresh salad, pasta also sweet and not greasy, sauce in the store are special, is different with other restaurant tastes.

address: jiangnan Seoul city jiangnan area 514-20 new sand hole

metro line 3 new sand (Sinsa) station 8 export

못 난 감 자 & amp;치 킨

food | to travel to South Korea can't miss

directly blame is the translation of potatoes and Fried chicken, but combination of Fried chicken and cheese is very famous.Fried chicken and cheese on the plate full heat, melt the cheese can pull out a long silk oh.

a big shop: Seoul seocho district seocho road 89-4;Line 2 "teaching" 14 export

kyung hee shop: Seoul university mun back to base road 34 31 street - 4;Line 1 "back to the base station exit 1

nanshan Fried pork

 food | to travel to South Korea can't miss

eat famous Fried pork chop at the foot of nanshan, and a large than bone pork chops on the face the curry sauce, is next to a little rice and side dishes.Tastes very nice.Because there are many star patronage, a high fame.Everybody will also send a bowl of cream of mushroom soup ~

address: special south cave 2 street downtown Seoul 49-24

the subway line 4 Ming hole station no. 2 and no. 3, export, along the nanshan cable car station on the slope, 10 minutes walk to the Chinese embassy consular section left to continue walking, left hand the second junction that is

snow ice (hong big water store)

food | to travel to South Korea can't miss

Korean dramas "Pinocchio" is taken here, combined with traditional Korean rice cake, ice cream, create a different taste experience.Put rice cakes, sweet toast with mouthful sweet flour is brilliant ~ ha ha.

address: Seoul special city MaPu area tunnel on 316-1

metro line 6 (Sangsu) stand up no. 1 export, walk 5 minutes


food | to travel to South Korea can't miss

it's ice cream would "take dust"!Cream ice cream with all kinds of nuts, and equipped with marca dragon, mixed with dry ice smoke is too great!Dust is a bright spot, must remember to take pictures!Winter added corn milk tea and coffee.


Banana Tree 新沙洞店


这家店里很温馨,虽然小小的~ 盆栽蛋糕有三种口味:香蕉、草莓和咖啡,还有一个很特别的东西——棉花糖咖啡哦,咖啡上面加上了一团软软的棉花糖,样子很可爱的~



Beansbins Coffee(三清洞)


Beansbins Coffee 最有名的就是华夫饼,芒果、草莓和冰激凌华夫饼应该算是镇店之宝了。The top of the ice cream taste smooth, sweet and not greasy, waffles, very sensitive, there is also fresh strawberries, and bananas, cream sent right, cheese block with waffles, very tasty, appearance is also very touching.

address: Seoul special city zhong road district neighborhood's 119-2

metro line 3 on sale export station 6

there are a few little nagging:

  1. if you have local friends in South Korea, as far as possible let friends recommend, don't believe that online food guide .

  2. color line in the hot eight streaky don't go to ah , all the Chinese Fried, advanced to the store of Chinese tourists, a south Korean people don't have it.Its so-called barbecue just teppanyaki, not in the traditional sense of the Korean barbecue, is I too believe that online guide to eat.

  3. hong big near a lot of delicious, is the cause of school places because the overall price is much cheaper than Ming hole.

  4. Korean dinner usually don't eat too much, because they are after the dinner usually go to the bar and a meal - , I was being taken in the past, just know, they call bars are more like a store of food, generally opening in the ground, give you a card charge, literally point to buy their favorite things, like raw fish, Fried shrimp, stone bowl meal including basic food, but also a small basket to get beer, koreans love to drink beer, small bars are too many people is busy, we eat very hi, have a toast to climb to the top of the table.

  5. if you are daring enough, strongly recommend good live octopus , the kind that will move to the table, ha ha ha ha ha.The octopus and let the boss give you best pick small, taste will be more tender.Stained with sesame oil, into his mouth isalso, crispy and sweet.









(里面并没有 鱼,是豆沙)






















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