As the hot pot hero "hit, grilled steak with 90% of people don't know pay attention to eat hot pot!

as China's hot pot design and color, the pan qian taste.

famous seafood hot pot, such as guangdong food and not greasy, delicious infinite;as

around suzhou and hangzhou chrysanthemum pot, smell great god, unique flavor;


yunnan yunnan flavor pot, fresh and spicy, with flavor;


xiangxi dog meat hot pot, enjoy "dog meat rolls three rolling, the fairy stand" of reputation;


chongqing MAO belly hot pot, spicy flavour, famous;


Beijing lamb shabu flavor and chic, hanging appetite.


in addition, the "three fresh hot pot" in hangzhou, hubei "meat hot pot", "white meat hot pot", the northeast of Hong Kong's "beef hot pot", Shanghai "assorted hot pot" and so on, also does not have flavour, inviting saliva, is the spring breeze "table" in the winter, relish by diners.

hot pot is not only the food, and contains a lot of diet culture connotation, for people to taste when times add refined taste.

such as the northeast people entertain guests, hot pot dishes method has a rule: before flying after walk, left fish right shrimp, surrounded by light and cauliflower.The birds class meat in hot pot on the front of the oven, walk behind beast meat in hot pot, fish on the left, on the right is the shrimp, all kinds of dishes slightly put some silk.If treat the intruder, put two extra-large meatballs hot pot in front of, behind is beast meat, a sign for you to leave.Taiwan hakka in big NianChuQi this day to eat hot pot, hot pot materials seven dishes is little not, namely, celery, garlic, green onion, coriander, leek, fish, meat, the implied meaning: "diligent, can calculate, intelligent, good fellowship, happiness for a long time, for more, rich."

hot pot are delicious, but should pay attention to health when eating hot pot, pay attention to science, one must pay attention to the fresh materials, in order to avoid the occurrence of food poisoning.Second, we must grasp the unfinished, if food in a pan, which time is too long, can lead to nutritional ingredients, and loss of freshness;If the temperature to boil eat, easy cause digestive tract disease.In addition, we should pay attention to do not eat hot, otherwise easy to burn the mouth and esophagus mucous membrane.

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