ab activity not edited out appearance level also can survive ten years can reduce wrinkles but makes it impossible to ignore

because of makeup now technology is more and more high, modification technology is more smart, is also a lot of people think star after finishing out of the high level in appearance, but is not.as a group of web celebrity and star photo, or can recognize, after all...have a qualitative difference in, lens is really don't cheat people.

is angelababy a few days ago in a red suit to participate in the activities, in addition to the studio finishing from the figure, also from the scene of the event from all sides, snapped pictures, have to admit:this yan, very can play, there is nothing wrong with again after a decade!

really good show temperament, partial distribution type and suit jacket actually choose the red is very lining color, look have special spirit of the whole person, and not repair the figure is just not so delicate, but still look surprised is nature and man.

even walk on the road to capture, such as at all beautiful place left

but isn't it too thin, zygomatic that fudge feel face flesh smile, obviously, wrinkles also appears especially deep.but the big eyes i really convinced!no matter what angle what expression can so no dead angle...yan can really baby.

the following is about fans have taken picture:

but much layer filter, still very beautiful.

so see comments in the kua baby i feel taken for granted.

like small make up, of course, some netizens also noticed that some of the deep wrinkles, issued a question:

i think it's too thin, then the hybrid looks like also to have certain relations.westerners looks very beautiful is very solid, but also is so so easy to old, that's why we look at the somebody else see 15 years old children always feel like a mature girl twenties, outline too having an organized effort.

baby refinement instead of studio is too delicate, return not equal to those captured good-looking left

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and the picture, maybe is the eyes to a p?although i feel my eyes big but not so scary, seems to fix the figure probably still need to practice work, the beauty of the picture can not show the baby ah, the waist fine is very normal.bajiushijin weight waist not so thin just strange?

but baby these captured in figure or no cecilia liu this ticket real:

a elder sister don't know is this even face highlights or glossy clear, not to mention the lip lines wrinkles, black rim of the eye is very conspicuous.but beyond that, the whole state of a person's skin is very envy letting a person, there is no spot acne, for a make-up artist often, it was already very good.

this one felt good, smile very sweet, just capture the corners of the mouth of the dimples.to say or pay attention to rest ah, pouch and black rim of the eye was really let a person love dearly.

and cecilia liu participated in the activities together with ella, but she is out of condition.

the flesh feeling a little on both sides of the cheek sagging trend, face also appears no spirit.but the rest is good, more spirit, eye pouch black rim of the eye or something.

ella's face is to develop toward the word face?and the position of the belt is a little low, is not very long legs, not take advantage.

what do you think?

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