so you know is this painting!a model of green tea is the textbook!

all know painting full-on dressing is routine, let's come out one by one!

know painting's appearance is quite amazing, wearing a pleated skirt with blue flowers, green bottom a few root comb plait, delicate makeup look, exquisite ornaments and jewelry, the modelling look ordinary did not lose good family demeanor, four sisters teamed up with the whole side of a playing jump while drawing skills, include the emperor galeries lafayette's kang yongqi points minutes it took a group of people.

sunny on the way in southern china after the elopement with xiao jian galeries lafayette had known painting room in a fit of pique to side, this field is still hanfu, but with a white flower, look charming is spruce but person, all the way with their charm is outstanding, and in his prisoner is lend a helping hand, its purpose is to get the yong qi.

after back to the palace, changed the qizhuang know painting, because there is no order, no flag head ornament, similar and maid-in-waiting flags, after all, is a good family, change qizhuang know painting even without luxuriant adornment still namby-pamby but person.

yong qi from traditional education, to such an appearance, origins and the perfect talented woman could not indifferent, is disturbing thoroughly expose the swallow, at this time also know involvement-which painting became the mistress of the house sunell group.

a bright red dress, wedding day is domineering, known as the mother of the painting is a country with this outfit.

married to know the picture of clothes once rose several order, bright red green, the more the farther on, tire also enriched, size occasions are decent dress, let a person to pick out a problem.

rescue er kang yong qi the palace to back, back to the news of the death, a lot of people know painting one gown, pure white clothes, my hair, teary-eyed, can say is that the best lens.

today we back to see that picture, not to hate to sympathy, reputation struggled to men, for the children suffered humiliation and pain, for the sake of status wrecked his life, in the end but also draw water with a sieve, heart be with her forever, i always think so, in the face of such a beautiful little woman, a man will be tempted.

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