negotiators medium yellow fruit towers modelling too grandiose reality negotiator to wear?


recently,"the negotiator"starring yang mi, tao in the television hit.the characters clothes, modelling, once got the attention of many people, there are many more netizens said tao modelling too grandiose.

the yang mi a black dress collocation jackets spell able, mature do not lose feminine taste again, add a pair of high heels will own temperament up a level, charming.

second, tao light grey suit in a light gray turtleneck sweater, a glance to depict a type and do not break vogue feeling, tao play other than modeling, fashion sense and senior feeling, have a van handsome.

the reality only decent negotiator exactly what should wear?the boy can choose the color of camel's hair, deep blue dress, among other things, to attend important occasions, don't choose too colourful flower color, avoid the visual perception of the vulgar, chaos.

girls can choose pure color as a daily wear build, in line with the current trend, this kind of clothes look fashionable and beautiful.comfortable beautiful color senior feeling, let a person move the eyes open.

actually, shirts with wide leg pants, decent in a glance, tie-in high-heeled shoes will all show temperament and charm, the collocation of simple sexy and do not break vogue get here?

as the fog haze blue coat with white turtleneck sweater is very smart, very honest.

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