love to wear high set of sweet scene started to wear anta all because zhang jike?

heard that sweet scene with zhang jike?before interview zhang jike he said the most like height 168 type and lovely long hair girl

scene sweet height 167, long hair, lovely type, all meet the criteria of coco ah.

detective netizens also found two people all kinds of love, spring begins when coco in weibo offer a poem, a great poet said that this poem is to view the sweet, because it hides her name.

i also feel quite pull, there is also the name of the spring/summer? and did not think of sweet scene but ran to point a praise, and said"ding-dong, your throttle broadcasters launched".

the people there are a lot in the interaction of weibo, scene sweet hair caption"miss you zhi,"rabbit,

zhang jike reply to ask where is the rabbit owners, scene sweet reply is filled with sweet taste:

coco's weibo illustrated in the television also secretly leaked a clue...

before the variety show on the coco also wrote in the snow"k has t", told the director must be cut into, is himself go, the headline is really let a person to extrapolate.

if these are the net friend of speculation, credibility is not high, the two people the day before yesterday was paparazzi photographed kissing in the car should be too.

want me to say, the two people really is quite worthy of,

especially hobby, you see them a love back hermes, a collection of watches, like to wear a high, love to buy a car.

although scene sweet now taken every street in a bag, but she was often carry only a few hermes, only have white, brown, pink, carved turquoise blue, it is quite a few there is a lot of.

sweet scene back out the most expensive is the only, although with putting the himalayan crocodile skin is a little gap of platinum package, but the price is at least more than 300000.

she had a christmas edition, each engraved with the senior craftsman five-pointed star limited, ruby is outside, inside is pink suede, but the price is much cheaper than the ordinary hermes.

and coco, although look at ordinary times is a deeply in love with fluorescent green and sapphire, don't pay attention to dress the boy, but very keen to watch.

before he said he wanted to settle in switzerland, is because you can follow one's inclinations to buy watches, but if failed to settle in the swiss didn't delay coco to buy watches, cartier just bought several pieces.

richard mille rm 055 coco has two, one black and one white, and the global limited.

the white model, in particular, have recently been accompanied coco never away from the body.

lu han is also one of the brand's loyal fans, quantity is a lot more than coco, fans often joke that my deer brother like villa put in the hands.

not just richard mille, audemars piguet is coco's favourite, and the number in 3 pieces.

chopard this classic racing is cheaper, less than 20000 yuan.

remember 11 times sweet buy high set, then she wore elie sabb high will attend the charity bazaar night, someone broke the brand think she cafe a reluctant to borrow enough, the family spend 5 million to buy it himself.

a while ago scene sweet out to clarify the matter, said is stylist to borrow, also said 500, one thousand, the skirt is too expensive.

anyway, the scene has always been a sweet love to wear high fixed star, let's lines from beginning to end inventory, second to charity bazaar night sweet and wore a high, covers an area of a larger, like a big broom.

12 years take part in the hollywood movie, took an international actor award, someone said that never before this prize, should be tailored for her, the prize is a custom don't know, the dress is indeed a haute couture,

13 years shanghai film festival scene sweet to the opening and closing ceremonies, a holding a took jackie chan donnie yen, always wear is high.

after a few days went to the 2013 film festival closing ceremony in beijing of course or high set

the somebody else is not only in the large red carpet will wear a high, take part in the movie conference, promoted the brand platform to help themselves to wear is high.

go to fashion week show, of course, is also high.

will wear long johns under high fixed female star, estimates only sweet a scene.

high scene sweet love, what zhang jike love, love to buy a car, it is said that car since he made his debut in the 4 units, from bmw to maserati, nothing is open to the training of shandong university.

a bentley continental, a white range rover, sweet also has been photographed scene down from the same land rover.

is the same, not clear, sweet coco in same scene recently is to wear a few, a few days ago to gala rehearsal is wearing a winter olympics pyeongchang down jacket coat.

and the anta sports pants, is not only a coco with money, or coco endorsement.

the most romantic thing i can think of, is to take off the high set wear anta with you.

text editor:leewon

picture editor:jason

some pictures from the network, the original text

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