years ago, maggie cheung gala modelling vogue an item so far no one beyond enlightenment

heard maggie cheung on the year of the dog to the news of the spring festival gala, blogger, but with mixed, last saw maggie cheung singing in the spring night, has been 17 years ago, at that time, maggie cheung, 35 years old with tony leung chiu-wai right for the mood for love"probity is numerous, the two men in many people's eyes is the existence of gold, at that time of the year the spring festival gala, held a total of two people to sing the theme song, with the same mood

when tony leung a white suit, maggie cheung black coat inside a big red deep v condole, hair gently holding,"fashion"two characters at that time is not very popular in mainland, our perception of taste, with both men and women to wear"suit"is the level of the style looking, maggie cheung with red and black can be said to be a lot of people of the"enlightenment".

is the most memorable, hollow-out the chocker cheung neck of this flower, phase contrast with the skin, is like concealed, the beauty of the female show incisively and vividly of hazy dream again.

when a dozen years later, each big brand re-launched chocker, web celebrity, fashion icon and actress who nearly a blogger can still remembered the chocker maggie cheung of the hollow out flower, no matter big brand, fashion star again, cannot surpass cheung chocker modelling of the year.

not just chocker actually, a lot of elements that are in fashion now seen in cheung's body, like for the birth of"the actor"was a circle of the powder of zhang ziyi, exaggerated in the show big earrings praise by many fashion bloggers, bold and modified face, appear amorous feelings again at the same time, many people sigh:zhang ziyi really good wear!this blogger cannot help but put maggie cheung figure:

nearly 20 years ago, maggie cheung is worn?!wave point skirt with shoulder-straps or handsome shirt, flavour wear earrings are exaggerated, the modelling of then now also don't lose the fashion icon.

and maggie cheung holes through the black turtleneck sleeveless sweater, fashionable and sexy, gigi and kendle two net red now or wear.

ranyingying wife to attend the activity and wear of the excavated, match flared trousers, a snow"kill"matt style before disgrace!

cheung was very fashionable to wear casually, when he was young in the movie, her shirt tie-in loose jeans, plus a dark sweater, fine art leisure rocks, the pursuit of the wind restoring ancient ways now many girl still dressed like this.

a photo taken with anita mui michelle yeoh, also fashionable wear hair ribbon, condole belt+shorts, with a long trench coat, foot high boots, sexy handsome, feeling them crave to each item.

bloggers believe the good taste of some men are born with, will not be as the growth of the age, as now in their 50 s, maggie cheung, each occurrence or not fashionable, orange dress collocation platform shoes very reduction of age, it was a lot of star of platform shoes blogger for the first time, feel very good.

deep v silver dress collocation silver high heels, neck a shiny necklace, the aesthetic feeling of the pageant is the floret are much more advanced than now.

the private servers like when i was young, now also is optional in sending out the fashion sense, a black t-shirt match wide-legged jeans, seemingly simple dress up, but the arm of the bracelet, faint show to lace underwear and random winding silk scarves, all show master good taste!

17 years later, we have not young, and the beauty of maggie cheung, in the cleaning time, more long stretches.

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