without a little bit of preparedness is han geng and celina jade a handful of dog food

guide language:on february 9, in han geng, 34, announced on the day of the birthday with celina jade relationship:"hello, 34 years old.hello, my girl."what?!han geng, celina jade?!only publicly had a box with two people, just released an affair?!believe that netizens like editing, hard to believe my eyes.however, carefully flip their private servers and daily dynamic collocation, also really a little match?

on february 9, han geng announced on the day of the birthday at the age of 34 and celina jade affair:"hello, 34 years old.hello, my girl."then, celina jade also forward said,"hello, my boy"[email protected] geng.so there is no sign of plug heavyly by two people put the dog food!

the only one with box

the interaction between the two

see this sudden announced"romance", let alone fashion netizens a face of meng force, believe even gossip small make up the dumbfounded.after all, only two people on the last september's golden rooster had only one public with box.

han geng striped suit

celina jade in perspective gowns

words golden rooster on the same day, two people of the red carpet or match.han geng is wearing a striped suits modelling, handsome and gentleman.and perspective celina jade is wearing a skirt, and a pale sexy taste elegant.

han geng suit style

celina jade wear black skirt

although in the eyes of netizens, han geng and celina jade is almost cannot be associated with the two people together, but they really have a tacit understanding on the garment products.such as love of black dress.

han geng wear white t-shirt style plaid shirt

han geng wear sportswear mashup

celina jade wear white t-shirt shape

celina jade willfulness collocation

there is frenzy of white t-shirt.stage of arbitrary male god han geng, privately actually prefer leisure street fashion collocation, simple collocation stylish men in how can lack joker white t-shirt.and from hong kong and has lived in the united states, celina jade, with a strong american toward private servers style.even in the"war wolf 2"campaign, celina jade modelling is a white t-shirt with jeans.

han geng

but even with these small clothing products on the tacit understanding, netizens to han geng and celina jade relationship will some don't understand.however, the editor has found the point!have to twelve years of han geng, once said in an interview, royal sister fan girl closer to your ideal type.on the blackboard!royal elder sister fan!!!!!!that's not to say celina jade?

black and white with celina jade

the goddess aura is dye-in-the-wood

want to wear good royal elder sister girlies modelling, the most important thing is the aura!the classic color is the simplest and the most effective way to increase the aura.look at somebody else celina jade social accounts, bask in the beauty as nearly half of the modelling is simple black and white.wiping a bosom of cultivate one's morality dress with the combination of white suit, is the aura is dye-in-the-wood.

royal elder sister is wearing a print dress

celina jade wearing sequined dresses

almighty goddess celina jade

royal elder sister wind modelling suits

skirt is not common item in royal elder sister fei, a more neutral some pants is the royal sisters good minds.this from celina jade red carpet and large, you can find the answer.even young girl heart full print dress, celina jade is tie-in leather outfit.royal elder sister is sweet and cool.

private servers will sink and free and easy

royal elder sister was such according to the scenic spot of

in addition to the concave shape when the need of small formal attire, celina jade private servers collocation is almost all the t-shirts and tank tops.here have to admire the goddess condole belt unlined upper garment is tie-in, the modelling condole belt unlined upper garment is tie-in wide-legged pants, simple can aura is dye-in-the-wood.the key also careful with show figure machine.it is no wonder that even threw themselves in the celina jade feet han geng.

in the end, the full blessing to han geng and celina jade~

hope heptyl treasure has been able to enjoy the life he wanted~

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