whitening pill to a love-hate relationship to bleach is the dream of girls can be side effects also have to face!


today we take a look at what japan popular whitening pills, winter also can't let oneself tan!!!!!!

pola white shot the ex white pills

said to whiten pill inevitably mentioned pola of course!this brand of whitening products research time and qualifications are the oldest, relatively most worthy of trust.the new version of pola white shot is the only one in the world recognised by ifscc whitening skin care products.<br/>

the whitening ingredients are pola spent a decade, with the influence of the ingredients to the skin, the impact on the body, such as the effect of pregnancy the fetus 35 items for inspection and finally confirmed its safety and effectiveness, and get outside japan's health ministry medicine department product recognition.by whitening from the inside out from inside the body, the pale spot, organization of brown spots, at the same time is high in antioxidants, slow down the skin bask in old damage.official propaganda is pregnant women can eat white pill, the effect is relatively slow, generally need a course of 3 months will have effect.

digression:although pola already very safe, but people still eat have side effects, such as growing up doug, menstruation delay, so i can try for a month, see the reaction and generation additive ougema01, most people have no problem, if also can't so fire!

daiichi sankyo transino whitening pills

japan go spot orgasm, hairdressing master fujiwara michiko removing and strongly recommended to improve the medicine.this is japan's daiichi pharmaceutical development of the world's first(and so far is also the only one) spot oral agents.the phase 3 clinical trials and health, japan has approved the first paragraph, also is the world's only a remove chloasma, preparation of malar rash.since then, taiwan, south korea all follow suit launched a similar oral whitening agent, is low-level copy of it.<br/>

chocola bb whitening pills

women are my biggest recommended!used for face and whole body whitening, sun spots, freckles, inflammation(blain to imprint) with skin whitening uniform decoloring., by taking the liver row must nutrients, generation of melanin can add ougema01, improved the liver detoxification function, especially related to melanin, the melanin eduction body outside, can reach the effect of white spot, and improve the skin pigmentation and dark strengthen skin clear.use method:adult 2 tablets three times a day at a time.<br/>

the white rabbit whitening pills

domestic red and half white rabbit shot!!keep the two months of the white rabbit white pill, delicate skin really get a lot.white rabbit pellets stunt in japan at the same time, make skin water embellish is white.this section contains the main components of the whitening needle glutathione, whitening ability cannot be underestimated.<br/>

rice field pure white c whitening pills

japanese rice field pharmaceutical research and development new products aimed at young women pure c white white pill.can reduce the melanin deposit, promote cell metabolism.and rich in vitamin c, can add ougema01, can effectively prevent gum bleeding, nasal bleeding.pregnant women, lactation, and old age, physical strength drops after falling ill need to supplement vitamin c can be used.usage and dosage:240 grain, 3 times a day.after meals, 15 years old of above two in one time, 7~ 15 one time a grain.<br/>

shiseido, pure white, white pills

yi, recommended niuer teacher for private use.can inhibit melanin production, promote skin metabolism, accelerate the pale spot, fade uneven tone, make by inside and outside white, transparent.the vitamin c content is 1000 mg daily generation additive ougema01, in addition, also contains vitamin e, d, b2 and so on.the point is, the beautiful white pill take good night, along with the meal eat right after supper, prevent to eat during the day and the sun, taking three months~<br/>

be blanche hyaluronic acid bb body whitening pills

japan super fire be blanche hyaluronic acid whitening pills, and a lot of people compare it and pola, acidification+mash resistance:resistance corresponding aging is the concern of the international medical community composition-french wine close generation additive ougema01!both of the two ingredients on the market at present health products are rare.increase the blood circulation, improve intermediary metabolism, improve skin nutrition absorption, has a strong wrinkle elimination function, can increase skin elasticity, postpone skin aging, whitening and anti-oxidation effect is also very significant.<br/>

white ex spot to blain to imprint whitening pills

this paragraph contains a special whitening ingredients:"cysteine.name is not important, as long as you know this is a special composition, not only can prevent melanin, can also collapse has been formed spots, spots and melanin precipitation.is one of japan's most popular whitening oral tablet.if you are in the whitening and maintenance of the road for a long time always can't see what effect, can try this oh~<br/>

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