why did you leave any hair style is not pretty?because the ignored it.


as the saying goes:"dare to dew forehead is really beautiful."

dew forehead hair does appear more spirit have temperament, but sometimes not perfect, his forehead exposed instead more embarrassing...

like yang mi hairline is always let people play, offended stylist?

another hairline highly flashing warning lights to eason chan.

makeup painting more good-looking, if hairline not good-looking, also can let appearance level dally falling;in the same way, looks not good-looking, may be just because your hairline isn't perfect!

today is to talk you about knowledge about the hairline, and how to crack, hope to be able to make up the girls pose higher level appearance again!

common type of hairline

round arc

this is the most common, is also han guomei standard.arc hairline give a person feel gentle kind and pollution-free, appear forehead is very full, round is very cute.


square hairline is usually seen in boys, so girls have square hairline can appear very atmosphere, can niang can man.

classical hairline

classical hairline usually has sideburns, beauty tips, very suitable for the costume designer.beauty tip test looks very much, because the court will be backdated to beauty tips below.so many beauty tip is usually a big beauty~

hairline problems

high hairline

said to hairline job had to mention yang mi and tiffany tang, did not deserve to act the role of the forehead is how see how strange!

low hairline

hairline people envy hairline is low, but low hairline is also not good...

like sweet scene features face are impeccably, only hairline is too low, the width and larger, thus making the forehead narrow face short.if big sweet hairline to like r, that is really perfect.

fan bingbing level playing god in appearance, but the hairline is also a little low, if it had been only two centimeters tall, impeccable.

hairline shape not good-looking

kelly chen features is good actually, not only low, but her hairline and the edge is not good-looking, lack of atmosphere and agile.

contrast a look can find more, brigitte lin's hairline outline is clear, roughly an arc, angular, dignified and with a heroic spirit, not the kui is a beauty.

how good-looking hairline?height of

simple, good-looking hairline can let forehead is in line with the"three division five eyes"standard.zhang ziyi, for example, her hairline height to the eyebrows, brow, nose to nose to his chin, just is:.the golden standard of a face, beautiful and perfect.


good on the width of the hairline was slightly less than the width of the face at its widest point.like figure left satisafied hairline height is in conformity with the three division standard, but the width is very special, look face very big.right after the ps hairline width, look small face a circle?

in general, sideburns location about one refers to the distance to the eyebrows, a little bit wide, is just right.angelababy hairline not thick, but wins in the distance.if this is right, can appear temples hair amount is sparse.

consistent with temperament

kelly chen facial appearance is heavy, if you don't clear and broken hair hairline, will appear the whole people not neat, very male phase.

ariel lin the types of facial features belong to the girl from the forehead can appear very small ground dance the peacock feeling, no acosmia feeling.

the facial muscle line of real life most people are not neat and smooth, it is recommended that broken hair or want right amount~

how to make up for the shortage of the hairline?solution:

eyebrows for hairline slightly too high or too low.

why draw eyebrow is very important, because the location of the eyebrows is actually divided the position on the court.so hot word eyebrow is not suitable for big sister's forehead, choose a radian camber can decorate good on the court.

bang solution:suitable for large forehead, the second half of the face line is fluent, good face.

victoria song's head is bigger, so she is early the modelling of the forehead, is neat bang.recently an air bang not only cover the forehead, also reduce age ten.

it is important to note, however, victoria song of face are all belong to the lower part smooth lines, with neat bang shade so no pressure.if it is face of comparison, jaw relatively wide, with a thick neat bang shade forehead will only appear more strange face.

so you can try like sun li, a neat short hair cut and leave this a little bit messy or separate inclined bang, can cover large forehead and decorate good face at the same time.

small broken hair solution:suitable for forehead slightly larger, less serious.the forehead hair is fine.

you can deliberately pulled a few small broken hair down, some make hairline line downy, shorten the height of the forehead on the vision.

or large scissors to cut out some bangs directly, build the fluffy fuzzy feeling, reduction of age and brimming with vigour, but this very test stylist technology.

picture hairline:suitable for edge is not clear, the forehead hair sparse, some areas hair vacancy.

choose hairline with hair color powder, filling thinning hair, shading and natural, immediate effect.with eyebrow powder, brunet eye shadow can also be replaced.

hairline is skilled, otherwise you will dirty unnatural feeling to the person.if you need to fill the position of the hair is more sparse, can choose to fill with shadow powder, using loose hair shade to get stuck in, also more natural.

can also be used to dye cream or eyebrow mascara, and mascara make eyelash long is a reason.

but if you need to fill the part of the little hair, the suggestion is to use grooming pen to the hair with root trenchant root, again dizzy catch, it's realistic.

of course, drew a hairline and don't forget to discharge makeup of work to do, otherwise the congestion hair pores, cause trichomadesis, hairline may be more later.

grain hairline:suitable for the edge is not clear, the forehead hair thinning and hair areas of vacancy.

every day to draw too much trouble to unload?and some girls chose grain hairline.this very test of tattoo artist workmanship, like eyebrow tattoo, if grain smashed is in trouble.over time, the color may become weak due to the metabolism of scalp, blue, or into other color, and can only be maintained for 3 years.

planting hairline:suitable for more rich, girl wants to be a beauty tip and sideburns.

planting hairline looks method is one of the most brutal once and for all.through elsewhere on the scalp hair follicles, planted in his forehead, the planting survival rate varies from person to person, some may grow after hair long not to come out, or over time, improper care or other causes hair follicles from falling out.

laser hairlines off:suitable for low hairline, edge broken hair.

this is a solution to the hairline is too low.remove the fluffy hair, hairline edge become neat, forehead is full.

of course, if you are not weeds, broken hair don't be too, a little broken hair actually very young...neat too far the old unnatural and scary ah, as if wearing a wig.

if the above solutions don't fit you, you have a choice, that is, figure~ p

hairline effect on the appearance to be reckoned with, so you can do is a good hair care and maintenance of diet routine to keep happy, 2 it is through the above method to decorate good, don't let the hairline drag your level appearance back yo!

finally, lip girl give you recommend a friend and distribute video, home have a little princess is inferior to dress up well, no matter how many years old, choose a hairstyle is important to cough up, like the girl also can try it yourself!

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