kun ling photo and double gap is too big bright blind also shorter than bea hayden head half cm high


what do you think he ling good-looking?speak true, since he ling marry jay chou, the more i look at the commercialisation of ling think she watched the beautiful, in the prequel gossip is always can't remember her appearance!!

i like this kind of gentle sweet drops!!always watch i love black acerbity will i, elder brother is looking at ling, who grew up, i do think she doesn't have the whole lead permit.

beautiful do not say, the key is to make up the number of segments far beyond ordinary people ah, too will change!

this is a picture of her and double, the temperament, can show buyers and sellers show difference!!

i suddenly thought of, he ling elder sister likes jay chou, they will have a group of relatives, there is a jay chou in agghh good happiness!!jay's new year's day will then send them how many red envelopes? envy ahhh~~

however, long beautiful life and nice people is always make people envy, today i saw a post so, some netizens said he ling is the representative of the earth tide, more than 10 years old before too younger sister alternative route, almost ugly burst, not at all now.bea hayden beside her was her foil became a fairy, jay chou was she brought low..

don't look at photos still feel sure could not, see the picture instantly turned face..kun ling long dress look good but honey rustic, soil soil beauty!!!!!

the eyebrows in the suit i really do not have to speak...

he ling face is beautiful, is the clothes and temperament can't compliment!!!!!

the bea hayden lining is very pure and fresh and...words, he ling how high?do you have any 6 1 m...how is shorter than bea hayden 10 centimeters high heel head half!?

bea hayden i remember her only real height 163 cm, not big power high power!

ps.i just think he ling inside the star is really short.jay jay chou, 173, she is in the position of the ear.may also be my illusion, i always feel high hybrids are good.

so, kun ling should be petite, should not be wearing those multi-level outfit, face is sweet to hang and temperament.the body is too s-curve doesn't suit, many shoes also looks very heavy...

clothing product really needs to improve, there is a petty.

and qin shu culture this feeling is stole his mother clothes and bags.don't belong here.

speak true, her face can go completely advanced sense, but like every out dressed like village too younger sister...

is really bay teenager temperament..

the last one, is the couple, as the county rich rural chinese new year back home the appearance of the new year...

only serious money is very important..when black acerbity will he ling is not perfect rhythm, then packaged temperament of feeling what also not the same!!

but it is also to be the state of progress, from her latest weibo i find a few, you feel at left

have to say, he ling style really like actress in thailand...to grow more western style!!!!!don't know why, feel taiwan female star many facial features are good-looking, is look temperament very soil, while hong kong actress facial features about the case, is very western style.

the last po zhang ling my clothes:

really big ugly!!can only say that she is really wasted such a good appearance...

but family life good, although some despise think she rely on men, but the somebody else is really okay now...

of course certainly humiliation for many years before she finally got the recognition of jay chou...

this fleece is the front side of each medallion daughter small week down stroke at a picture, in order to record the growth of small week footsteps,$455, will you buy?

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