it is said that the three pairs of socks beautiful new tees in this spring


for socks, just to say which double is warm in winter...

but now spring is!spring socks the first meaning is chic, good-looking!

1, thigh stockings

recently saw a lot of people like this kind of sailor moon socks, including in xiaowen, fashion bloggers caro daur and xinzhilei.

all from prada!

his family from the early spring this year...

to the spring and summer series, the models were in this kind of geometry striped socks,$210 a pair.

is not only his family, this year chun xia t stage, a lot of brands have this knee length of cotton socks.

below from miu miu, dior, preen, kenzo comes, vivienne westwood and undercover.

"level in appearance, i think is the most beautiful preen this pair of lavender.

and various marca dragon spring colors are good.

in addition to cotton socks, this year there is an unexpected trends:translucent thigh stockings.

dolce&gabbana, mary katrantzou and missoni model, have been worn.

a little beauty, but the feeling is very easy to slide down...

as for the collocation of thigh stockings, the safest approach is black cotton socks+black shoes.

maiden wind standard tees.

but now everyone love to wear sports shoes, so with a black cotton socks+black shoes.

these two photos from new york fashion week and seoul fashion street snap.

a simple match, but many people still did not dare to try.

because thigh stockings easy appear legs, the knee ugly, only suitable for model figure!

we wear, unconsciously like small s, take bag cover your knees.

the good news is, this year chun xia t stage, there is a new tees:chiffon+number thigh stockings.

such as miu miu, knee and leg can't see clearly.

missoni, preen and dior models, put on a bit longer veil over.

the fairy skirt new tees?

2, transparent socks

dolce&gabbana skirt+socks this year chun xia is perspective.

with the black silk socks.

feel grandmother that generation will wear transparent socks, will be popular this year!

fendi and gucci logo, to allow the figure on the right is day by day foot,$1340 a pair.

erdem little fairies wear a plain black silk, with dolce&gabbana socks.

francesco scognamiglio model is wearing white, with gorgeous diamond fine with high heels.

still look good!

until i saw the louis vuitton men's clothing series, in the spring and summer clothes is very handsome...

but whether sandals, shoes or sneakers, with all the local transparent short stockings!

like cover on the legs of the veil, effect is just terrible.

this grandma wind socks, still leaves us these girls to wear!

in general, a transparent socks are tie-in leather shoes, sandals.

below this pair of rachel comey lace socks,$80 a pair.

kirsten dunst, ming xi and spain blogger gala gonzalez, is black silk socks+point collocation of single shoes.

but now has a new tees.

fashion week street, see more and more transparent socks+sneaker collocation, estimate the will be more pleasing to the eye.

3, striped socks

transparent socks don't accept, can come to a pair of socks mouth striped movement.

below is seoul fashion street snap.

valentino early spring series are the small white stockings, socks mouth thick stripe and shoes suitable color.

fendi striped socks in the spring and summer is also very beautiful, also with sandals.

mary katrantzou striped socks and wave point, toe is also very breathable.

t stage maiden wind striped socks+sandals combination, more fashion street snap, is wind sock+sports shoes.

the three photos were taken in oslo, copenhagen and london fashion week recently.

if you can combine stripe and letters logo, more fashionable!

like bieber brother and his former girlfriend hailey baldwin this pair vetements.

off-white also have such socks in the spring and summer.

the model wear it+white nike shoes, jimmy choo shoes do not wear~

bella array before all this i feel good but you don't agree with, from clothes to socks, are from the heron preston this year qiu dong series.

have stripes on my sock logo+letters,$65 a pair.

as for the striped socks new tees, in the star warm project before, said peng put the socks on the bottom...

later found big sister kourtney kardashian family, and li yuchun, recently did.

even by bally apply to this year in the spring and summer blockbusters, affix one's seal become orthodox tees...

mother-in-law not temperament, or wait until spring, striped socks+white shoe, consumedly square square to show my leg.

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