the original hair make up can be so good-looking!learnt a new skill

always envy hair, fashion girl, always changing all kinds of hair every day.since hair cut short, every day in addition to spend a lot of time with the short hair, there is always the same hairstyle can fast fatigue!

in fact short hair also can spread, but also can make a nice hair style, without complex will learn together with roya small make up today!

a hairstyle:

step1.for hair daub wax, from the hair root to the hair comb the hair with your fingers.

step2.remove the ear at the top of the hair, after merging with a rubber band is fixed, flip once, and pulled out top hair let head fleeciness feeling.

step3) with the rest of the hair, on the left side in the same way to make up a small plait.

step4.using wax onto the rest of the hair, make hair to become warped.

step5.blow further fixed shape.

hair 2:

step1:bang left, the rest of the hair to 3:7 side;

step 2:the front near the bang hair from compiling a plait;

step 3:the hair is the same as the second step braiding;

step 4:two braids braided tail combined cross under torsion, fixed;

step 5:the rest of the hair bang too modestly,

step 6:liu haifa tail with clincher in braids 2 can.

hairstyle three:

step 1:remove the bang, on both sides will take, the upper part of the hair on the back of the head.

step 2:will be at the top of the ponytail hair with your fingers pulled out slightly, something the fluffy.

step 3:three will at the top of the right ear hair plait, to set aside some bang before and distribute.

step 4:repeat the same steps on the left made up well, and the two beams programmed plait pull loose.

step 5:make the plait and steps of left and right sides of a good ponytail merged, with rubber bands.

step 6:slightly arrange, make a hair fleeciness, make the lines look better, add some nifty.with beautiful hair accessories to decorate, finally complete the hair modelling.

hairstyle four:

step 1:tell bang, and then isolated from the top of the head area of the hair.

step 2:split hair to tie up with a small elastic, then turn up a circle.

step 3:then isolated from the left to a small bundle of hair, screw revolution after with narrow sandwiched between suitability.

step 4:on the other side also with step 3.

step 5:about two and a half above the bundle of hair behind, plunge into the bottom of the hair tied together, twist turn traces of fluffy.

step 6:done!

hair spread can also be playful tricks!

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