cecilia liu wu lei * she sanqueyi new york fashion week have what to watch for this year?

guide language:the new york fashion week will be on february 5 of 2018 autumn winters solstice held on february 14, in the upcoming chinese new year, across an ocean fashion gurus who did not stop, let's take a look at what point this season at new york fashion week have.

the stars gathered:11 chinese idol gathered in new york,

the female star:cecilia liu led she combination sanqueyi

the female star lineup of the new york fashion week is given priority to with fresh face, but also there is no lack of fashion like cecilia liu, loesch ning zhou lao faces.

cecilia liu

cecilia liu activities according to

cecilia liu appearance shows:tory 'burch

as a fashionable old acquaintance again cecilia liu at new york fashion week, before the poem under the guidance of sina fashion at paris fashion week is striking four, this time came to new york, presumably won't let you down.before opening activities on tory 'burch shanghai cecilia liu had a close interaction with designer, the support of this time to go to new york, let us look forward to.

loesch ning

loesch ning activities according to

loesch ning appearance shows:tom ford

loesch ning in paris fashion week before bright eye expression is also impressive, this time to new york to support tom ford's big show, see yourself can challenge ever darling female image.



selina任家萱 亮相秀场:michael kors



ella陈嘉桦 亮相秀场:tadashi shoji、ralph lauren、tory burch


zhang xueying

zhang xueying activities according to

zhang xueying appearance shows:ralph lauren, michael kors

90 fashion show has been adequately, floret zhang xueying after recently and there are many works waiting for release.this is certain to be a lot of attention to new york, lad, the sky's the limit.


happy activities according to

happy appearance shows:tadashi shoji

happy and sina fashion have are old friends, the last time went to the experience of milan fashion week, and whipped sweet temperament and fashionable style is already impressive, once again invited to new york, most propbably is already ready, looking forward to a relaxing trip to new york.


ting activities according to

ting appearance shows:tadashi shoji

as all the old familiar faces, ting always appear on the tv screen, privately ting is like contracted style atmosphere, the present at the fashion week, expect her to give us some fresh feeling.

article:male star is small as fresh meat in various situations you choose

wu lei

wu lei activities according to

wu lei appearance shows:bottega veneta

wuli is because appearance fashion week!level of appearance, abs tempting lei wu brother online fashion week debut, of course, not to be missed.looked at him over the years since the childhood friends grow into engaging young, small make up can't help to reveal the smile like aunt.

catch ning yang

yang ning fishing activities according to

archilife yang ning appearance shows:tom ford

remember that will be cooking, water skiing, sports super cells and sweet warm man dynasty yang ning?as a veteran fashion week, yang archilife rather artificial hormones in paris, this time came to new york, presumably cause screaming repeatedly.

ren jialun

ren jialun activities according to

ren jialun appearance shows:coach

just did dad he was leaving for new york ren jialun on the show, the young father is also a big long legs, looking forward to his fashion week modelling.

weeks shang hao

weeks shang hao activities according to

weeks shang hao appearance shows:michael kors

weeks shang hao and michael kors are friends for many years, many times to attend the activities of the mk.shang hao fashion week trip, weeks before the dialogue with the designer, modelling is very dare to wear, the new york must also will bring a surprise to us.

watch wonderful show recommended

victoria phenomenon:collective see beckham family show

10:00 am on february 11,

putting every time show the biggest point is at the all the support, to show front row to see beckham and handsome at the three brothers, and you like the most lovely of small seven.

putting big xiu front row

bottega veneta:new york debut

on february 9, 8:00 pm

in february 2018, bottega veneta maison will duly unveiled in new york.the new maison in 64 street and madison avenue interchange, a total of four layers, a total area of 15000 square feet and will be bottega veneta, the world's largest retail stores.in order to commemorate this important moment, bottega veneta will also special men's conference of 2018 autumn winters is moving to new york from milan.bv this season there will be what exciting action, let us together look forward to the arrival of the big show!

bottega veneta 2018 chun xia series

marc jacobs:new designer at

on 14 february 6:00 pm

before appointment of moet hennessy louis vuitton(lvmh) baja east john targon for the marc jacobs brand cheap product series of new creative director, from february 2, took office.has confirmed the appointment of moet hennessy louis vuitton(lvmh), but has not released john targon positions, so john targon and marc jacobs exactly how to divide the design task, or two people will work together?these questions let us in this big show up and look for the answer!

john targon

li ning:the rise of china

10:00 am on february 7,

this new york fashion week big surprise is that we can see the brand li ning also appear on the official agenda.li ning in china, big brother is outdoor sports category.the gymnastics prince li ning retired after the founding of the brand, has become the pronoun of chinese sports.looking forward to the big international show of the li ning, perhaps, we can't simply call sports brand li ning again, but the call fashion sports brand li ning!

li ning brand will debut at new york fashion week

new york fashion week this season even near the spring festival, but sina fashion editor team are also still struggle on the work front, want to get this season's fashion week please focus on the latest the fastest information sina fashion's official weibo micro letter, we first serve for you.

the last give you in new york fashion week schedule this season, players must remember to pay attention to oh.

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